: Xenons (hi intensity) and the V6 model

10-31-04, 01:15 PM
I know the marketing and packaging of the vehicle including the STS can be different here in Canada than in the USA. I would like to know if Xenon headlamps are available even as an option on the V6 model in the USA. In Canada, xenons are available only on the highest model pkg for the V8. They are not offered anywhere else even as an expensive stand-alone option--which to me seems to be a grave oversight. Since I do not want a V8, and currently owning an 02 STS with the V8 and xenons, I would only trade for a newer if I could get the V6 with xenons. Either the Canadian marketing dept is asleep at the switch or GM corp has underestimated the popularity of this feature. GM are you listening??

10-31-04, 02:05 PM
I feel the same way, the US v6 STS also does not allow xenons, this is crazy, they ae standard issue on many entry level lux cars. I have them on my cts and if i trade next year for a STS i am going to be pissed if i can't get them as an option. What are they thinking?? :banghead:

10-31-04, 04:42 PM
Yeah you can get them on cars that are less than 20k why the heck wont they let you get em on a 50k decked out V6 STS. There option packages piss me off, I feel the same way about the AWD option. Oh well maybe they will learn.

11-14-04, 05:01 AM
Yea, this problem exists across the board with all the new Cadillacs except for the Escalade and XLR which have them standard. Apparently they have not yet learned to add individual items to an option sheet...

11-19-04, 11:51 AM
I've seen the Xenons even come on the little mazda 3..
Very sad...