: Help I think I am turning into Bill Murry, in Caddyshack!

10-31-04, 01:01 PM
I have a raccoon in shed :banghead:
I was think of asking my son if they have any minor explovies at his reserve unit. :lildevil:
Have put a live trap in the shed no luck yet.
I think 1 am going to turn into Bill Murry, like the groundkeeper in Caddyshack :bonkers:
Any good ideas.

10-31-04, 01:32 PM
get one of those bug bombs with the deadly gas, that should do it. Or if you don't like the shed you could burn it down.

better yet drive your truck through it.

10-31-04, 02:01 PM
The shed is 12x16 little to big to drive the truck though, the truck only has 30,000km on it.
The nieighour a cop, ask if he could have a clear shot at it :lildevil:
I think I will see if the live trap does the trick before as the neighour for help
I can see turn into one of those roadrunner cartoons :bonkers:

10-31-04, 02:52 PM
It will probably look similar to whats in the photo when your done ;)

10-31-04, 06:10 PM
Elvis has become an expert marksman because of all those armidillos, perhaps you could fly him up and he could perform his "Terminator" act for ya? :p

10-31-04, 10:36 PM
Racoons are crafty little devils. A live animal trap with a tasty treat inside will usually do the trick. Animal control may be able to loan you a trap.

11-01-04, 06:44 AM
I bought a trap but still no luck. I put some cat food in the trap maybe I should try tuna.
Do they start to hibernate?

11-01-04, 07:58 AM
I have a Siberian Husky that loves to kill small furry woodland animals. You can borrow him!

11-01-04, 11:42 AM
The raccon is gone , left the door openned last night and it was gone this morning :) Now have to clean up in there :dammit:

11-01-04, 12:02 PM
We had a similar problem in the wood shed at my cottage. We had a family of racoon living there. My dad got in there with a 12 gauge shotgun and a couple of shot later there was 6 (six!!!) dead racoons on the ground. I still cant figure how he managed to not destroy the shed...