: 2003 CTS - Moldy Smell, HELP!

10-20-11, 10:03 PM
I have a car that sat outdoors for 2 years. Changed all the tires, belts, water pump & pulleys, battery(dead), radiator, and fluids. The radiator because the transmission line blew out while test driving it. Only 72,000 miles! Also clayed & waxed the exterior. I'm now into this for over $1,200 so all I need to do is get the interior done. The car now runs great.
I realize that condensation caused the problem. My trunk did have 2-3 inches of water in it which I resolved by drilling a small hole in the well. I sprayed it down with a mold killer just to be safe. Doesn't smell in the trunk. But the odor is noticeable inside. How hard is it to remove the carpeting then reinstall it after cleaning? I assume there is some type of padding under the carpet that I'll just replace.
I used "Microban" on the trunk, which also worked great on removing cat pee from wooden floors. The stuff is amazing. $30 a gallon, but worth every penny if you've ever had a damn cat pee problem. It is actually made for mold. I'm going to give it a try on the carpet. How do you remove the front seats?
Could the odor have also penentrated the leather seats and/or the headliner! I guess I can just use my nose to pinpoint the smell. Hopefully it's just the carpet.