: Dying battery or other problem?

10-19-11, 09:15 PM
For the last week or so, I notice that when I start my '05, the dash displays reset to something other than what I've selected -- the left one (set to TPMS) shows one of the engine temperatures instead, and the right one ceases to show the digital mph. I can reset them as the car is running, but they reset themselves at the next startup.

I think the starter is cranking more slowly too, but I could be imagining that as I look for a cause for the display changes. Any thoughts?

10-19-11, 09:32 PM
Have the battery checked and make sure the terminals are clean/tight.

10-19-11, 09:36 PM
General consensus is a dying battery can make the V do some very strange things. It's usually a great first thing to check when the DIC or other electronics get a little "funky"..

10-19-11, 09:46 PM
The ground wires seem to cause some issues as well

10-19-11, 09:51 PM
Another thought -see attached.

10-19-11, 10:26 PM
Mine was doing crazy things also. It got to the place where it wouldn't start, I took it to the dealership and they replaced my battery. I haven't had any issues since.

10-20-11, 09:58 AM
Another thought -see attached.

Very interesting read....thanks for the .pdf!