: Removing Sliver cover over gauges

10-19-11, 09:11 PM

Just in case anyone needs/wants to do this here are the steps. I find the center "blue information thing" too bright at night and wanted to put a circle tint over the just the LCD. Bottom line, you "can't" as the plastic windows are glued to the gauges (air tight I assume for dust) and I stopped there. I just put a "mostly circular" cut out of window tint (cut and peel type) over the blue info center and it is fine... not as "perfect" as I wanted but serves the purpose. I used the lowest tint I could find, I think it was 35%.

1) The black leather top above the sliver gauge cover pops off. Just put your fingers in-between the black cover and sliver gauge cover and pull apart. There are about 6-8 clips there. Not hard to do.

2) You will find 3 socket screws to remove from the top.

3) Pop off the section the headlight switch is mounted in (not just the switch but the entire leather holder). Just be careful with the ambient light. The section is held in with clip also... I believe 4.

4) Pop off the entire holder the "start" button is mounted into... real easy, it is held with clips too.

You will uncover 2 bottom clips hidden behind those covers and just pop them out and the sliver gauge plastic thing comes off.

I just put mine back on as soon as I realized the windows are glued to the gauges but this is how to remove it.



10-20-11, 02:44 PM
How is it seeing the info in day light? just curious

10-25-11, 11:32 PM
No problem... it is a little tinted but nothing I think about. The benefit of it being darker at night is key for me. The letters are a little bit hazy from the "lower quality tint" but again nothing I plan to change out. I just got back from a service loaner SRX and the diff. in brightness from it to my car at night is very noticeable. I like the tint over the screen.