: Phone + Car Benefits

10-19-11, 03:50 PM
I saw a post about iPhones and I'd like to find out exactly how my iPhone 4 can be used in my car. I "linked" them so that my contacts are in my car but it doesn't voice recognize me saying my contacts. Do I have to program that so I say "Dial Joey" and get a response? Pandora can be used with a Bose system only with a USB cord rather than bluetooth, even on the 2012? I have the app so I can unlock it, start it and check info already. What else can my phone do?

10-19-11, 05:38 PM
I'm still new to my car but I'm learning!

-When you connect iPhone via USB it does pull your directory, but you have to go through menus to get to it
-When someone calls you it will tell you who that is about 90% of the time (via bluetooth)
-I have found that setting up sames for voice dialing is the way to go. Then I can just say "Call Seth" and it will call him, but when you voice tag do not put the "call" in there, it already knows.
-If you are in close proximity to the car and it is started any calls coming in will go to you bluetooth connection
-Music, I have only tried playing while connected to the usb, and it works great. I get in, plug my phone in and it leaves off right where I started, plus all your playlists are there
-USB connection will charge your phone - so a little extra bonus.

OnStar App - with iPhone
You can remote lock, unlock, start, and turnoff you car, plus it gives you gas and tire pressure. You can also look up an address on your phone and send it via on star to the in-dash nav system.

My Cadillac App - does didly for me since I have a 2012

That's about all I can think of right now...

10-21-11, 10:38 AM
As said above, if you have a few numbers you call all the time, it's easiest to just enter voice tags for them in the vehicle.

You can access the voice commands of your phone by using the "Bluetooth, Voice" command. A few more steps, but then I basically have total voice command access to my Blackberry.

10-25-11, 09:38 AM
On my 2011, I press the phone button on the steering wheel and the car replies with "Say A Command After The Beep". I wait for beep and say "Hands Free". Car then replies with "Ready". I say "Call Home". Car replies with "Call Home using iPhone" and then dials. This works with any contact in my iPhone.

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10-25-11, 10:10 AM
They removed the need to say "Hands Free" on the 2012 models with NAV - thank goodness!!