: Is this noise normal and is the normal side to side play in the stock shifter bushing

10-17-11, 09:00 PM
This is probably a very stupid question but is the grinding noise in the very beginning of the video normal? I also get the grinding noise if I rest my had on my stick shift. And because the shifter has some side to side play when it moves to the side when Im resting my hand on the shifter, theres a grinding noise but its not as loud. Is this normal?

And is the side to side play normal or excessive for stock bushings? Ive been thinking of buying a short shifter and I wanted to see if I needed new shifter bushings. Appreciate any help!! :thumbsup:


10-17-11, 11:42 PM
I've always heard that noise, I think it's just the sounds of all the rotating pieces of the fw/clutch/trans resonating through the shifter. It's audible with your hand on the knob and more when you have it pushed left or right, just as in your video.

For a completely stock shifter it does seem loud, your insulation under the boot could be missing. That knob also looks very loose, that contributes greatly to the noise. I would cut the notch off the stalk, put a small chunk of dynamat on the end, and hammer the knob back on.

Also, when I installed my B&M I wrapped about 2 inches of dynamat around the length of the stalk which absorbed most of the remaining noise, even with the b&m having an all metal construction.

Play looks pretty normal for a stock shifter. A short shifter and uuc bushings would help. If you stay with stock you could probably replace just the linkage bushings and tighten it up a tiny bit.

10-18-11, 04:59 PM
When you say insulation are you talking about that big block of foam that under the shifter trim? If so I have that....

I dont get any grinding noise unless my hand is resting on the shifter and / or with the side to side play moving it. Ive never had a car that had a noisy shifter like this V has. Oh and I forgot to put another weird noise in the clip so I made a quick video. Its a vibrating / rattling noise that happens at certain RPMs. Im going to take your advice and wrap some sound deadening material around the stalk and see if that helps.


10-18-11, 05:49 PM
The answer is yes. To both questions.


10-18-11, 06:08 PM
The answer is yes. To both questions.



I asked this before and nobody knew what it was nor did Cadillac. Whats this noise...by the way im missing the nozzle flap on the filler neck, not sure how that fell off. :helpless: