View Full Version : 1995 elder northstar cooling

10-17-11, 05:04 PM
hello i have a 1995 caddy coupe and we just replaced the radiator,water pump, brakes and rotors, and we are haveing an issue with the cooling. it is reading 240 degrees and we cant figure out what is wrong. any help would be apprectiated!

10-17-11, 07:12 PM
Check the coolant purge line which runs from the top side of the reservoir over to a hollow bolt/nipple just beside the water pump cover/thermostat housing.

That line is at the high point in the system and is used as a constant bleed for air and gases. If the hose or nipples are plugged, then the system can air bind and cavitate the water pump.

Is the thermostat installed properly ?? Because it's in the lower (return) hose the spring and wax cylinder points at the engine, not the radiator. The thermostat operates in response to block and heater circuit temps primarily - the radiator only comes fully into play on hot days or large engine loads.