: how to change camshaft position sensor on 1997 sts

10-16-11, 10:38 PM
Hi Everyone

New here and NEED HELP!
Here is whats up
Just bought this car knowing the crankshaft position sensors needed replacing
Replaced them (special thanks to the one who said removing oil filter bracket )
Help out a lot mpg is now where its should be starts some what better
Now still a little hard to start sometimes
service engine light comes on after a while then stalling happens

Now I think the camshaft position sensor needs replacing but can not find any good info on
I need pictures , procedures, tips and tricks.
anything will help
please remember I do have access to a lift so from under or above
remove this makes it easier
stuff like that


10-17-11, 06:34 AM
What codes are you getting?

The camshaft sensor is on the rear head exhaust cam, passenger side. It is held in place by one 10mm bolt. The main thing in the way would probably be the heater hoses.

10-17-11, 09:41 AM
here you go - a 10mm bolt and long fingers.

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