: Gather Around if you are tired of having reg reverse lights and other cadi has led

10-16-11, 01:52 AM
im proud to let everybody know i searched and searched and i dont know if i told anybody but i searched....for a led reverse light for the 2010-2012 SRX but i could not find anything but an universal hid kit that would not fit behind the lamp because of ballast and wiring BUT i have good news...i thought about it and said to myself its only a "bulb with legs" so i went to radio shack to purchase some DIY leds in 10mm (biggest they had) and after buying i notice they were only 4v which means the 12 volts from car would blow them in a sec but i thought i just throw some resistors in to save leds but after looking at how the housing is made the only thing i could do is tap into factory wiring (NO NO) anything go wrong and i just wasted a great warranty....so i went back to my two friends Google and eBay :)........so i came across a bulb called "G4" yes "G4" and it has fixed my dream of being able to say i change every bulb on the SRX(all led other than DRL and front blinker)...so yes my srx looked like a normal cadillac at night when i get out and reverse and tails are on (i.e. DTS,STS,CTS)....and the best thing about the project was the bulb is only $3 shipped on ebay....i suggest you buy 3 or 4 so you can have spares as i broke 2 trying to install in housing...

open your hatch,
use small flat-head screwdriver to remove push pin on the rubber surrounding tail lamp,
remove rubber by pulling slowly as it only has tabs on back and this will expose to phillip screws holding the tail lamp in place,
remove both screws and slowly remove tail lamp,
unplug all wires and completely remove tail lamp
remove reverse bulb socket,
slowly but using alot of force pull your factory bulb out of socket/housing

before install new led bulb double check you have the "legs" going right way (+ &-)
by doing so i would suggest you hit unlock on fob if you are in a garage as this would turn on the reverse lights and you stick bulb down in wire harness to insure you are installing correctly, and if you are not in a garage put a brick behind a wheel and also engage parking brake and of course start car and put in reverse

after checking bulb i also used some type of lube (baby oil on bulb legs) to get the new bulb in housing as it is the hardest part of the project and also where i broke two bulbs so be very careful

once you got the bulb completely in housing i think you have the job done as you would just replace everything you removed and enjoy your new LED REVERSE BULBS!!

P.S. this is only for the intent of the led look as far as sight i would say the factory bulbs and leds are neck and neck...and if i had to say which is bright i would say factory but i just hate the look of the bulbs


10-16-11, 12:35 PM

I think you must REALLY hate the look of incandescent bulbs to go through all of this. Seems like a lot of work for bulbs that by your own admission aren't even as bright as the originals, but hey, whatever floats your boat. The most important thing is that YOU'RE happy. That's all that really matters.


10-16-11, 12:58 PM
Hey Sube, thanks for your reply and yes you are right i hate yes REALLY HATE the look of the stock white incandescent bulbs as it is not "white" and i also hate amber lights as well so i have white led in fender blinker and PIAA xtreme white in front blinker and drl but i actually thought this process was fairly easy compare to the write up on access to any front bulb period, but yes i had one main thing that i wanted from the cadillac cars and that was led reverse lights i still think it is crazy for cadillac to have led tails for over 10 years and built in blinkers and we got a incandescent bulb for a rear blinker (smh) so i changed out led as well lol

10-16-11, 02:35 PM
Yeah, I hear ya. I would prefer all of the exterior lights be LEDs, as I prefer the "white" light and the long life. I thought the backup lights looked pretty white, although I know I'd see the difference if I compared them side by side to LEDs. I actually prefer the warm color of the incandescent bulbs in the interior. I had an STS as a loaner and the interior lights were LEDs. I thought they had a very cold feel. I felt like I was in school or in an office building. They didn't have that calm, soothing effect of the warm incandescent bulbs. Just my personal preference.

If I'm not mistaken, our SRX has LEDs for the brake lights, light pipes for the tail lights and bulbs for the turn signals. I'm not real familiar with their design, but aren't the light pipes a form of LEDs?


10-16-11, 02:53 PM
Yes sube I totally agree with you with it does give a cooler feel and that exactly what I wanted...and as far as our tail lamps we have 2 reg bulbs and then we have led for tail and brake but all the cadillac cars has led everything for the rear...

10-16-11, 06:55 PM
Wonder why we got short changed. Anybody out there have the answer feel free to chime in.


10-16-11, 07:16 PM
Hey sube want to hear something crazy...the 1st gen 2004-2009 has one full led tail lamp with everything but reverse lights as the reverse light were located on rear hatch by the tag

10-16-11, 07:24 PM
Yeah, I've noticed that. I like ours better. :D

10-17-11, 01:19 PM
got before and after pics?

10-17-11, 01:24 PM
Sorry I don't have any good pics because I told with phone and it was at night but they look exactly like a 2nd gen cts reverse lights and you can look at any 2nd gen srx lights

10-17-11, 04:25 PM
and if you are not in a garage put a brick behind a wheel and also engage parking brake and of course start car and put in reverse

I would highly advise against this.

Other than that, good write up. LEDs are the future.

10-18-11, 07:42 PM
Lol I didnt know what to say so you can see the reverse lights BUT thanks so much for your feedback I will know next time