: Classic Starter Dying Diagnosis?

10-15-11, 01:14 PM
Hey everyone, let me start off by introducing myself! New member here but a long time lurker since I bought my 06’ two years ago. It has been trouble free ever since until just recently. On one occasion last week when I tried to start it failed to start on the first turn of the key but for whatever reason started up when I played with the shifter several times. Last night I tried to start it and again, nothing, no crank or attempted start of the engine by the starter and this time no matter what I did with the shifter or the clutch would not get it to start. I took a guess and figured it was the starter so I jacked it up and tapped the starter with a hammer and low and behold it started right up! Just to validate my findings is this a classic case of the starter going out and how hard is it to replace the starter myself? Any tips? Thanks for the help guys!

10-15-11, 02:53 PM

10-18-11, 07:10 AM
I had the plug on mine go bad and had to push it in when nuttin happened...

If i had my GF with me i asked her to pop the clutch after pushing it to speed.

I have protected my starter from the heat with a shield and i also covered all the lines with nomex for heat protection...