: LS2 Oil Catch Can Question

10-15-11, 07:01 AM
I'm planning on installing an oil catch can in my car...

I have my catch can from my 3.2 which worked perfect and actually caught oil. I'd like to move it over to this car. I've located the PCV hose, but its in a pretty bad spot for the shape of my catch can. I did some more researching and found this:

I saw on the "truck" forums, where they bolted an oil catch can to the LS2 like this:
This doesn't look real familiar to me, but maybe thats because I haven't had the engine cover off long enough to really see whats what back there.

Anyone want to comment on what hoses that is, and how effective is it vs using the PCV hoses on the passenger side of the front of the engine?

I've installed a few of my other mods from my car which have been the LED interior, My bluetooth \ onstar delete, and on Sunday I'll be installing my TVs back in the headrests. I'd like to use the catch can as well. Thanks.

10-15-11, 07:33 AM
Hey, truth;

I just installed a Mike Norris catch can about 2 weeks ago. One of the main issues was the engine cover gets in the way because of the height of the can. I found an alternate location with a bolt lower (don't recall if it's one of the alternator brackets). It's still not the way I like it because there's zero clearance underneath the can for draining. Here's a link to a pic I found that might give you some clue, but I hope to post some of my pics in the near future. Meanwhile, I also found others who have run longer hoses underneath the engine cover, then "circled back" to the can. I plan to fab some sort of extension bracket to move the can a little closer to the passenger side fender well where there's more space. Here's a link to one pic that might help: http://ls1tech.com/forums/13337386-post9.htm