: 2006 sts

10-15-11, 01:27 AM

I need four TPMS for a 2006 Caddy STS? Can you give me a price quote to 85602?

10-15-11, 09:29 AM
there's two choices (can you PM your VIN?)
both are about the same price
$78 and $79 each at list price
your price would be around $50 each

shipping would be $15

10-30-11, 08:55 PM
sorry i forgot i posted in here and thought i had PM'd you instead...does my vin matter if I am on aftermarket wheels? granted they are Vogue wheels that were dealer option

10-31-11, 09:31 AM
wheels won't matter - well factory wheel option might, but the current wheel won't ...
the vin picks the type of sensor that's compatible by RPO code
the RPOs don't say what the difference is but i would guess at frequency and/or protocol
one is definitely for the sts-v but it is also for just a regular sts and the other is for sts (as long as there's not a catalog error in the details)


D29, DW29 and DX29 are the body styles that these three parts fit

DX29 is the V-series but the other two basically mean the same thing ... so the RPO codes (as always) are the way to tell