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10-14-11, 11:08 PM
I was trying to get the dealer to order my front brake pads under warranty and found my original receipt since the dealer needed to order the same part from it.
Can anyone tell me if PN 18045380 PAD KIT are the Durastop ones?
I put them on when the car had 65m miles and now I have 135m miles.
There is also a special now for $75/wheel to install. Rotors will be extra.
The dealer is telling me these are not the Durastop ones.
I did go to RockAuto and the number that replaces this (AC Delco 171654) is a DuraStop.

10-15-11, 06:21 PM
Your best bet would be to call Chris in Parts at Rippy Cadillac, over there >>>>>, on Monday morning. He'll have all the latest application info at hand and can get you a deal on pads and rotors - DIY, of course. 4 hours alone with jack and stands.

Warranty ??? 70,000 miles on pads and rotors ???? Dream on............

10-15-11, 06:39 PM
No need to dream - Delco's Durastop and Professional grade pads carry a limited lifetime warranty. It's one of their biggest selling points.

The rotors, however, will not be covered (12k/12mo).