: Steering Lash Adjustments On 67 Cadi

10-30-04, 11:51 AM

Does anyone knows how to adjust the steering lash on 67 coupe deville?
I am experiencing steering wheel "dead zone" or looseness which causes the car to drive off-track at times, basically the steering is very loose.

I'd appreciate any help.


10-30-04, 12:37 PM
I'm not sure about the 67 but newer GM steering boxes have an adjustment screw on them. And even with that, if your box is worn out, you can only adjust it so much. Sometimes it's just better to get a new unit.

10-30-04, 08:02 PM
I have to do the same adjustment. :) I believe its an allen head on the adjustment screw itself and a locknut you have to loosen beforehand.

barge master
10-31-04, 05:54 AM
I had explained it to a guy a while back, but here goes. On top of the P/S box is a lock nut with an allen head screw going through it. The turning of the allen screw is what adjusts the lash in the worm gear, and the lock nut holds it in place. Basically, you have to hold the allen screw in place and loosen the lock nut. Then you turn the allen screw in GENTLY. Don't force it, or you will trash the worm gear. It's best to loosen the lock nut enough to turn the screw freely in without the nut bottoming out, otherwise you need to hold the nut, and the tightness of it on the screw makes it tough to get a feel for how far in you're going, follow me?
You will feel the screw kind of bottom out, and if you twist the shaft back and forth the slop in it should be about zero. Then back the screw out just a little at a time till you feel a small amount of play in the shaft when you rock it. It mustn't be tight or you will be needing a steering box! Then hold the screw steady and tighten the lock nut.
If there is any doubt, leave it on the loose side, over tightening the screw is the kiss of death and there is no fixing it. You will end up with a sticky steering box no matter what you do. I have to change the box on my 80 because some knucklehead did that. :tisk: