: All Season tire... this is the only real choice

Cub Cadet
10-14-11, 07:30 AM
We have VERY limited choices when it comes to All Season tires, and for me, this was a MUST HAVE for Ohio weather. I have gone the route of dedicated snow tires before but that was for the birds. I do not carve corners with the car, and if I ended up at the drag strip, I would just throw on a set of spare rear wheels with slicks or drag radials. I really do not do that much anymore, and just want to enjoy the car on the street with how I drive. So, choices for All Season tires are really limited due to the odd 19" wheel size and we have choices of Continental, Bridgestone, and Michelin. Sizes are all jacked up as well since the front is not offered anywhere as a 265 wide tire... which is DESPERATELY needs. The rear can increase in width, which it also needs. So, after all my choices... three to be exact... I went with the Bridgestone RE 970AS Pole position tires. They are high performance all season tires that have performed very well so far. The ride is good, no vibrations/pulling, no noise and they feel as confident as the Michelin's ever did. To me, I have not sacrificed anything by going with this tire. Sizes were 255/35 - 19 (front), and 295/30 - 19 (rear). Attached are pictures... and... the car will now need to be lowered at some point. Not something I really wanted to do though.

10-14-11, 11:33 AM
The only real choice and it doesn't even fit the car? lol. And I love how it desperately needs 265s, which is only 10mm from stock. Again, lol.

Cub Cadet
10-14-11, 11:56 AM
The 255 just does not seem wide enough for the front wheel... this tire makes it look a bit better though. The 265 would definitely help the looks, but just wasn't available for an All Season set. In the past, someone determined what the max front tire width could be on the stock front wheels... it was either 265 or 275... can't remember which one it was. The rear tires fit on the car and are matched sidewalls to the front so that they are both the same thickness of sidewall. So far, awesome tires.... they just accentuate the fact that my car seems to sit higher in the rear than most CTS-V's out there.

10-14-11, 01:51 PM
I'm very happy with my Michelin Pilot Sport A/S+ tires in stock sizes. The rears are runflats and do seem a little bit harsher that the PS2s but otherwise are great. I even tracked them once, but they really aren't enough tire for this car on the track. My only complaint is 1st gear is almost useless with them, but that's true with the summer tires too when the temps drop.

10-14-11, 09:03 PM
Cub Cadet,

You chose well. My wife's 2006 has the 960AS which was the predecessor to the 970's. Those are great tires. They are basically a summer tire that wears like iron and is safe in the snow as well. The only minor gripe I have with the 960's is in when they are cold they ride a little rough, almost like they develop flat spots overnight. Within a mile or two of getting heat in them they are fine.

10-14-11, 09:19 PM
I think dedicated winter tires are a must for any CTS-V daily driver. Please let me know how these compare to the snow tires you ran in the past.

10-15-11, 11:14 AM
You mentioned that your experience with snow tires was for the birds.
Could you elaborate?
Because I find it fairly simple...

10-15-11, 04:57 PM
I found Cub Cadet's A/S tire experience and photos very helpful, as the Bridgestone 970s in those sizes are what I'm considering for my V coupe for winter here in NC. I don't plan to drive my V in snow, but we get a lot of cold dry and rainy weather here, so an A/S tire should be enough.

10-15-11, 07:07 PM
And you'll go too short to get it?

10-15-11, 07:18 PM
And you'll go too short to get it?
Sorry, I'm not sure I'm following you........

10-15-11, 08:05 PM
I think dedicated winter tires are a must for any CTS-V daily driver. Please let me know how these compare to the snow tires you ran in the past.

Not if it doesn't snow in the winter :) :) :)

10-15-11, 09:38 PM
Sorry, I'm not sure I'm following you........I just think those sizes are a bit short for the street...

10-15-11, 11:19 PM
That's why the car looks like it has a 2 inch lift kit.

While we're on the topic, does anyone know the only real choice for exhaust?