: compnine vin lookup site closed

10-13-11, 07:17 PM
Looks like the compnine vin lookup site is officially down. I hope it was just a hack or something but they have this message posted:

"These types of announcements don't come easy, but effective immediately Comp Nine will be closing its doors permanently. Thank you to everyone that helped keep the site going and for allowing Comp Nine to serve the community for so many years."

Been using that site for years and just yesterday it was up and running. Anyone know of another source for VIN build info besides a GM VIS report from a dealership?

10-13-11, 08:10 PM
To bad. That was a great site.
I used it many times to view the rear cradle & differential diagrams
when I created the support brace for the rear Diff of my car.

10-13-11, 08:47 PM
That's a bummer! I actually thought he was just getting started. First, it was built with cool services for free. Once that was working, he began charging, which I obviously thought was a bummer but, that's his choice. But closed??

What I'd also like is a place to get a VIS report. Even compnine didn't provide that.