: 1984 Eldorado stereo turns off when doors are opened or dome lights turned on

10-13-11, 04:30 PM
Hi, I just purchased a 1984 Eldorado that has an issue between the stereo and the dome lights. When ever the dome lights are activated (turned on) via the doors opening or turned on by the light switch the radio turns off and loses its memory. The speakers have a suddle static sound to them. The factory security system seems to work as it should. Here are the tests I have performed to try and narrow down the short.

1. removed each interior light bulb at a time, with door opened. Radio remained off. But would turn on once door was closed
2. disconnected all wire connections to the light switch with one door opened. radio remained off, but would turn on door was closed.
3. when hood is opened and engine compartment light turns on, radio is not turned off, but the volume dies down and it acts light its shorting out. Radio goes back to normal when hood is closed enough for the compartment light to turn off.
4. when trunk is opened or closed, there is no impact to the radio at all.
5. when the hood is opened and the compartment light is on, with the ignition off, the security light does flash off and on. As it flashes, the engine compartment light and the courtesy lights, down by your feet, flash along with the security dash light. ????
5a. I also disconnected the engine compartment light. the radio played as it should until a door was opened. Then it turned off.
6. There are no obvious wire issues.
7. disconnected the bell/chime and there was not change in the results.
I have run out of things to test for. I don't know where the radio and the dome light switches wires all tie together at. Perhaps its at the security module, but I'm not sure where that is on this car for me to start checking wire connections there too.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

10-14-11, 03:23 PM
Just a note to everyone that I found a posting by Carnut and it resolved my issue. My radio kept losing its memory because the cig lighter fuse was blown. Replaced the fuse and all works well now.