: Car won't start. Won't even turn over. Help?

10-12-11, 10:01 PM
I posted about this in the Deville section, and someone suggested this area...

Anyway, I have a 2001 Deville DTS. It used to have the Bose system but I replaced it with aftermarket stuff. I put in a new aftermarket stereo, a couple amps, new speakers, and new subs. I have a GMOS-06, and the factory Bose amp is still there, with the left front output being wired to my center dash speaker (which is still factory).My door chimes work through that center dash speaker.

The car started and drove and everything just fine...

Last weekend I pulled the aftermarket stereo out again so I could run some cables to it in the hopes of putting in an adapter to let me hook up my phone's video output to the stereo's reverse camera input.

In the process of doing this, my battery died. I tried to start the car but it just clicked.

So I put my charger on the battery and charged it up. After the battery charged, I pulled the charger off and then disconnected the negative cable from the battery (actually I disconnected it from where it connects to the car, same difference I think/hope).

After I got done with the stereo, I connected the battery up again. Now the car won't start. It doesn't turn over at all, and it doesn't even "click" like it's trying to start (even though the battery is charged and it should just start).

I looked in the fusebox under the hood and saw a relay that says starter 1 (or something like that). I pulled that relay (and put it back) and there is no difference. When I try to start it, it does the exact same thing with and without that relay- it doesn't turn over or click or anything.

All the lights work, door chimes work, stereo works, and so on. And when I connect the battery charger it says the battery is around 90% charged.

Any idea what could cause this and how to fix it? Is there a way to check the security system (thinking maybe it thinks I tried to steal the car or something)? Or do I have to connect that GMOS-06 in a certain order I have to connect these cables or something? I really don't want to tow this thing to the dealer and pay $$$$$$$$ to have them do something I could easily do (especially while I have the seat out and access to everything).