: Rusting/corroded battery box

10-12-11, 09:48 PM
Hello everyone!

Question - the area which holds the battery on my 01 Eldorado is rusted or corroded. The paint in this area is flaking badly and the exposed metal is rusted. I imagine over the years this will only get worse. I'm curious, what options I should consider to fix this?

Maybe later I'll post a picture; not sure if there is a post number requirement though...

Thank you

10-21-11, 04:49 PM
Remove the battery and as much of the surrounding equipment as you can. Plastic film cover everything else. Now wash the entire battery tray and area with a warm water/baking soda solution. This will neutralize any sulfuric acid from electrolyte spillage. Let it dry thoroughly. Now if there are holes or missing metal, get into the fiberglass fabrication mode and lay up a new battery tray in place. sand and paint. Or, if the damage is not extensive, treat all the metal with several coats of "rust converter", that liquid resin that kills and seals oxidation (rust) in steel. Then prime and repaint.

As far as pictures, you're in - just resize them to less than 800 X 800 and upload them from your own file like "car resizes". Go Advanced, manage attachments, browse, upload, submit.

11-05-11, 12:24 AM
Great tips! Standby for photos!