: Absolutely horrible experience with Enhanced Customs and their CTS-V Driveshaft

10-12-11, 06:20 PM
Earlier this summer my stock driveshaft bit the dust, so I began investigating aftermarket alternatives. Initially, I wanted to buy a GForce unit, but they were not available at the time and I could not get a definite production date for when they would actually be available to ship.

I did some searching and found a company in Florida called Enhanced Customs. The shop is run by Frank Froelich. They were offering a steel driveshaft that made use of u-joints instead of the CV joints in the stock driveshaft, and the unit was fully serviceable. Priced at around $800, I called up and ordered one.

Things seemed ok at first. Within 1.5 weeks Frank had a driveshaft manufacturered for me by the shop he contracted with, and it was shipped. However, after a couple of days of being unable to track the shipment on UPS (who told me that the item had been dropped off for delivery but never sent out) it was determined that the driveshaft had been "lost" in the mail.

This is where the drama starts.

Frank offers to have another driveshaft made and sent to me. Only problem is, there's a catch: the shop that he contracted with to build driveshafts will no longer work with him at the same price he had quoted me. In fact, the shop wanted so much more money that Enhanced Customs had to walk away because they could not be competitive with the product. In the process of walking away, Frank and the other shop have a fight and they refuse to give him back his blueprints / design specs for the CTS-V driveshaft.


He tells me that he will have a customer come to his shop the next day, that they will drop the driveshaft from his CTS-V, and measure everything and get it sent to a NEW manufacturer. Then, they will have it built and sent to me as quickly as possible. At this point my car has been out of commission for close to a month, but I agree to Frank's plan.

Several weeks go by, and my driveshaft is not ready or sent to me. At this point, it starts getting difficult to communicate with Enhanced Customs. Emails are not replied to, and I never get calls back when I leave phone messages. When I do manage to get Frank or his assistant on the phone, they tell me that bad weather has knocked out their communications at the office. Fair enough - Florida was hit by bad weather this summer. Eventually, the driveshaft is shipped to me.

I was told by Frank's assistant that they "did not have time" to test fit the driveshaft prior to boxing it up. When I open the box, I discover that they also didn't let the paint dry before wrapping it - it's covered in newspaper that is stuck to the now-dry black paint. Oh, and there's no mounting hardware. None. I call Frank to find out why, and to find out what size hardware I need to buy. He apologizes for the oversight and offers to overnight me the hardware. I agree, but it takes a week to arrive, and during that time I simply start trying to source the bolts myself. I am given the wrong measurements by Enhanced Customs twice before finding the right size bolts to connect the driveshaft.

At this point, we have the shaft mounted up under the car, and we discover that IT DOESN'T FIT. The center mounting bracket is in no way designed to accomodate the stock mounting point under the CTS-V. Not only that, but the center support is way, way, way too big - it looks like it was designed for an HD pickup - and it doesn't come close to fitting properly within the Cadillac's tunnel.

It's close to two months with no car now. I make a huge effort to get in touch with Enhanced Customs, and after many calls and emails I finally get an email back from Frank telling me that if I return the driveshaft, I will get a full refund. I return the shaft in the original box and track it on UPS. It gets back to the Enhanced Customs shop, but they don't contact me. I wait 48 hours and get in touch.

I am told that they did receive the shaft, but that they actually forwarded the box to their manufacturer without opening it, and that there is a problem. The driveshaft shop tells them that I didn't return the adaptor plates with the driveshaft. At this point, things start to get a bit uncomfortable in tone over the phone. I packed the box myself, and know exactly what is in it. I insist that everything was there, and I ask for my money back. Frank's assistant on the phone tells me that he will call the shop to check with them and make sure they didn't overlook anything. He calls, and they tell him the parts are still missing. I get in touch with him on the phone again and he says he will go over the next morning (a Saturday) to see in person what came back in the box, and call me immediately.

Two days go by, with no calls. I call back on the following Tuesday, where Frank's assistant (as Frank no longer speaks to me on the phone for some reason) tells me that yeah, I DID return everything. I ask when I will receive my refund, and am told that Frank, as owner, has to approve that transaction. I say ok, when will that happen. He says Frank will call me back and let me know. Of course this doesn't happen. Two days later I call back again, and am told the same thing.

At this point, Enhanced Customs essentially cuts off all contact with me. I have called and emailed and called and emailed many times over the past month and have only been able to speak with Frank's assistant once. He went through the same routine about needing Frank to approve the refund, even though the return was done four weeks ago.

In short, I had to go through VISA and initiate a fraud complaint. VISA refunded me pending an investigation, as I had documentation proving delivery of my return, and email communications from Enhanced Customs telling me that they would refund me in full upon return of my driveshaft.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. The owner and his staff are dishonest, to say the least. Customer service has been appalling, and the driveshaft DOESN'T FIT OUR CARS. Stay far, far away from Enhanced Customs and don't make the mistake that I did.

10-12-11, 07:12 PM
Thanks for the warning. I hope everything works out.

10-12-11, 07:17 PM
That sucks. Sorry to hear about your situation. Hope you find a new driveshaft.

10-12-11, 07:18 PM
I ended up going back to stock at the end of August.

10-12-11, 08:00 PM
What a tough situation for you to be in.

10-12-11, 09:06 PM
Sorry you had to go through that.

These guys don't even make the shafts? I remember you jumping on that ship when they popped up and I was thinking, something's not right here, considering how long it took even our best vendors to produce a driveshaft..

I would have held out for one of those and slapped in a used shaft to get by, then resold it later...but I know you thought of that.

They certainly didn't make a good first impression! Frank sounds like a real dirt bag.

10-12-11, 09:38 PM
Whoa! What a lot of aggravation not to mention stress levels! Eight hundred bucks gone is tough to swallow.

10-12-11, 10:12 PM
Wow, just wow...

10-12-11, 11:14 PM
Sorry to hear about this - customer service these days leaves much to be desired...

10-13-11, 07:21 AM
That sucks all around. Seems like when things go wrong on the vendor's / seller's end these days, they don't care to make things right and just want their money -- bad way to do business to keep repeat customers.

10-13-11, 09:22 AM
Thanks for writing up this e-mail. Hopefully Frank now realizes that he's lost all business with the V community and hopefully others search for "Enhanced Customs" and find this page as well.

Good luck getting the fraud complaint tacked onto them. Now it's time to go to the BBB and other sources with this as well. Hit him where it hurts.

10-13-11, 09:58 AM
Thanks for sharing. As said above, hopefully others will find this thread when they're researching driveshaft options and will avoid running into the same problems.

10-13-11, 10:33 AM
Watch out.....


10-13-11, 11:14 AM
So, which one is that?... the returned one or the "lost" one?

10-13-11, 11:21 AM
+1 thanks for sharing

10-13-11, 12:12 PM
I wonder if he'd like it if his shop got burnt down............... Did I say that?

10-13-11, 12:27 PM
So, which one is that?... the returned one or the "lost" one?Confusing. It says there are "10 available" when at the bottom, in red, it says it is a custom build to order part...

10-13-11, 01:17 PM
That's just so on the off chance that someone actually buys one, the auction will stay open for other buyers.

10-13-11, 04:02 PM
Thanks for writing up this e-mail. Hopefully Frank now realizes that he's lost all business with the V community and hopefully others search for "Enhanced Customs" and find this page as well.

Good luck getting the fraud complaint tacked onto them. Now it's time to go to the BBB and other sources with this as well. Hit him where it hurts.

Thanks for sharing. As said above, hopefully others will find this thread when they're researching driveshaft options and will avoid running into the same problems.


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the POWER of cadillacforums.com :thumbsup:

10-13-11, 06:37 PM
eh, we'll do better than #8... I think this is an interesting study in forums' power, vendor reputation and rankings

digg this http://digg.com/news/business/forums_still_have_social_power_in_the_serps_a_cts_ v_found_that_out


10-13-11, 08:16 PM
Thanks for the read. Its great when we flex our consumer muscle. I can guarantee that no one on the CF or Tech who posts a thread about driveshafts will end up with your experience... :)

10-14-11, 04:16 AM
Thanks for posting names and details.
You did us all a great service by exposing a fradulent vendor.
The fact that someone like that would just keep your money is unreal.

I hope you find the time to post on some other business rating websites also.

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10-17-11, 11:09 AM
I have this driveshaft as well, and had a reasonably similar experience (although not as bad) Very difficult to get someone on the phone, had to be modified to fit, hardware was wrong, took longer than agreed to, wet paint with newspaper stuck to it, the whole lot. I only bought from them because I am local and after my experience with another well known vendor in our community (not gforce) I wanted to buy from a place I could go back to when things go wrong. I got everything to work, but only because my mechanic isn't lazy and made it happen.

Works fine though, but dont expect it to bolt right up. I'd buy the Gforce if i had to do it again, even with the discount I got.

10-17-11, 11:14 AM
when did you get your shaft built, Beta?

10-17-11, 11:35 AM
maybe 6 weeks ago tops, i can check my cc receipts for when i had it installed

etit: picked my car up on 9/15.