: noisy lifters on stock 79 425

10-12-11, 01:44 PM
hi is there anything i can do about sum noisy lifters? im sure my valve train is compleatly stock since the entire motor is. im thinkin i read somewhere they are non adjustible but is there anything i can do?

10-12-11, 07:18 PM
One reason for a loud lifter is a collaped lifter.. This has a loud clack, clack , clack...most likely there is foreign junk..Sometime a cleaner in the oil can help..If not the lifter has to come out for cleaning or replacement... If it is a light ticking, it could be low oil pressure...If it sounds like many ticking it could be low pressure.... Or it could be worn, cracked or broken valve train parts...These parts can ware and get out of tolarance.. there are also spring clips to keep the rockers in place... If these spring clips break it can make a clicking sound... and sometimes the rocker can come off .. If that happens there is a chance the lifter can pop out and lose oil pressure... If you find bad valve train parts I have some you can have for the ride..

10-13-11, 09:23 AM
One of my engines would produce a lifter click after running for a week at lower speeds. On the weekends, i would drive on the Interstate to a weekend event. After running at 70 mph for 10 minutes, the clicking went away. This would last for about the next 3 days and then the ticking would come back. I was under the impression this was caused by one of the lifters having a leakdown problem, or perhaps some debris that had made it's way to the lifter and was blocking flow until the elavated pressure forced oil into the lifter. The ticking would come back after the oil bled off. Of coure, this is all theroy.
Your problem could be something like this or could be caused by low oil pressure. Pull a valve cover and check the oil flow at the rockers. You may have some blockage in the shafts.

10-14-11, 08:29 PM
it is just a tick. like if a rocker was just a lil loose. i dont hear it at idle but when cruzing, if i have to go up a slight hill and load the motor a little it starts and dont get louder with rpm. i dont have a oil pressure guage so idk if im low on pressure but i have a gut feeling its not that. iv had pressure problems b4. and it is not affected by temp

10-15-11, 08:45 AM
It is possible that one of your cylinders has a chunk of carbon sitting on top of it, causing some preignition when your timing goes into advance. Here is a trick which may clean the carbon off. Take a dish soap squeeze bottle full of water, and just water. Take the air cleaner off and elevate the engine rpms. Squirt the water down the front carb venturies while holding the throttle open. This will basically steam clean the tops of your pistons and break up any carbon.
Some people are reluctant to use this proceedure, but it is equivalent to running at WOT in a heavy downpour during a rainstorm.

10-17-11, 01:57 PM
nice trick, gunna try it. iv ben looking into watter injection for it anyway so this guy aint scared of a little water. thanks for the replies to all. fwiw i have noticed if i rag on the motor a little it develops a slight knock. but then is gone after the truck cools and dont come back till another beating. and this is a d.d. so i dont beat it to hard. maybe im just parinoid

10-18-11, 06:37 AM
By chance, has this engine sit for a long time without running? From what you have posted, it sounds as if the noise is fading, becoming less noticable as you run it. These engines have a tendency to get cavitation in the oil passages and this includes the lifters. The more they run, the cavitation goes away after the passages totally fil with oil.

10-18-11, 02:36 PM
im not sure but i think so. it did have a tick at first. but that one went away in the first 3-400 miles. iv got probly 5000 on it now and this started in the last 50-100.

07-16-13, 11:14 AM
Ik this is a older thread, but I'm kinda back to this issue. The truck is running great but lately if I run it hard, like do a 1/4 mule pass, it gets a a tick that is border line to a knock. It usually goes away after it completely cools but yesrtday it got the tick. I parked it right away but when I started it this morning, it was still there. I drove it to the gas station, and after about 5 miles at 45mph, it started to go away but would come and go. By the time I got home it was very quite but still there.

07-17-13, 11:13 AM
Check that it is not an exhaust leak at one of the exhaust manifolds. Over time the metal gaskets will burn out and you will get a noise like a lifter tick. Use a mechanics stethoscope or a length of metal brake line with a hose around the manifolds to check. Don't stick the hose in your ear, just near it. :duck:

07-19-13, 11:54 PM
Ok, so the problem got way worse. Now after 5 miles of driving at 55, the tick starts. If I ignore it, it becomes a horrible knock that shakes the whole truck anytime I touch the gas. If I bring the rpms down to 1200 it will go back away after a couple miles. I have some ideas on what it could be like a bad litter or sticky valve but has anyone ever experienced this?

07-20-13, 09:45 PM
It doesn't sound good. It could just be a rocker arm or something. Do you have an oil pressure gauge on it? How many miles are on it?

07-21-13, 09:36 AM
What you are describing leads me to believe the problem could be temperature related. Your thermostat could be missing, malfunctioning, or of the wrong rating. Problem with this analysis is, - why it didn't it do it before? Do you have to add coolant to the system regularly? Perhaps the system could use a good flushing. 2. - Oil? What grade of oil are you using? As oil heats up it will lose pressure in a oiling system that has excessive clearance at the main bearings. A 15 - 20 pound drop in pressure after start-up is a good indication of main bearing problems. Bleeding at the bottom end will cause starving at the top, like the lifters. If you haven't changed the oil lately, you could have something getting sucked up into the oil screen and blocking the oil flow. Drop the oil and inspect it for particles. Any plastic and you have a timing gear failure. Rust? If the engine sat, the upper section of the pan could have rust flake off. If there are no indications of foreign materials in the oil, I'm at a loss. Replace the oil with 15w-40 and see if the problem persists.

07-28-13, 08:54 PM
Well iv had to park the truck. I bought a ranger for a.couple hundred and I'm gunna be driving that. I did change the oil to full synthetic with no change in the noise. I'm thinking.ill try the super thick oil to see if there's any difference.