: 1994 SLS Northstar running rich and stalling

1996 Sevlle STS
10-12-11, 01:23 PM
167k miles. Starting stalling on me after I changed the heater core. I am getting a P034 code MAP sensor signal out of range. P059 Transmission Input speed sensor, and P080 Fuel System rich. DTC. getting some light black smoke on high revs.FPR holds vacuum and doesn't appear to be leaking fuel at the nipple. changed fuel pump. Pressure seems to only be between 38-42 still... Runs great on the road but at idle or if you rev while idling it wants to cut out and die/almost die. I tried replacing the MAP sensor to no avail. I did the check through the self diagnostics on the MAP sensor per a previous post on here and found that the MAP value doesn't change between engine off key on or key on engine running. read it should be 100 +/- 10 engine off and 30 while engine running. Connection and wires for MAP sensor seem ok. I'm at the end of my rope. Please any help greatly appreciated!