: "Fuel System Service" on 2010 SRX

10-12-11, 11:22 AM
While having a routine oil change at the dealer, the service manager suggested that I have a "Fuel System Service" procedure performed. The car has around 31,000 miles and he said that "it's done to keep the system clean and injectors from getting gunked up." Cost: Around $170.00. I passed and told him to wait 'till I bring it in next. I have had this done in the past on another GM brand, but with far more mileage (75,000) . I do use major brand gas in the car at all times...and realize that some brands do contain additives which help keep things "clean."

I'm curious as to why he would recommend this, as there is nothing stated in the owner's manual under service interval recommendations.. Perhaps something exclusive to the 3.0 engine or the dealership's bottom line?

10-12-11, 12:51 PM
Perhaps something exclusive to the 3.0 engine or the dealership's bottom line?

Bingo! Give that man/woman a cigar. If it ain't in the manual, it's not necessary. Unless you were having symptoms that would indicate this was needed, I would also pass.


10-12-11, 03:10 PM
Chevron Pro Guard Fuel Injector Cleaner is well regarded. I drop a bottle in the fuel tank every 3 or 4K miles in all my cars and haven't had any issues. Great price at Costco.

10-12-11, 04:53 PM
you don't mean Chevron Techron, do you?
is the pro guard stuff different?

we bought a few cases of techron from advance auto parts when they had a buy one get one free deal back in september

we normally use the GM branded stuff though (it's a bit more for the GM label ... but for warranty claims we've got to use it)

also google search for top tier gas and read up on the brands that use it as an additive
(along with other stuff that BMW, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen and Audi want the oil companies to put into their gas)

10-12-11, 05:25 PM
It's Chevron Pro Guard Fuel Injector Cleaner with Techron. After doing some more research, Techron is an ingredient in the Pro Guard formulation. Maybe that's why pure Techron costs 3X.

10-12-11, 05:58 PM
gotcha ... makes sense

10-14-11, 09:59 PM
I sure hope that gas you guys are putting in your tank will back track up the intake and clean the carbon build up off the throttle plate and intake valves. Our service includes cleaning the throttle body, cleaning the induction system a chemical is injected into the intake manifold to clean the valves and adding fuel system treatment to the gas tank. Your manual doesnt tell you this but when you go to start you car in the dead of winter and the valves are stuck open from poor quality fuel then you will have wished you had it done. Seen more than my fair share of these problems. If your getting rid of the car when the warranty expires then dont worry about the problems down the road that you'll be missing and someone else will gain. I have also noticed that the intake runners and valves on the direct injected engines have alot of carbon build up also....

10-14-11, 10:15 PM
Well, I have to admit you have a better story than all the other people that have tried to sell me this over the 20 years or so this has been available........but the quick change oil people do it best.....many times they DON'T do it, just charge for it,,and some people STILL swear their cars run better....lol What does your Cadillac shop charge for this???

10-15-11, 07:46 AM
Perhaps if they had explained the benefits and necessity of the fuel system service the way 99ssconv did, Willo would have been more apt to get it. Just saying "we recommend" something that cost $170, without an explanation as to why, is enough to make anyone hesitant. Even though there are lots of reputable service depts., people are naturally reluctant and suspicious when it comes to dubious maintenance procedures. This is mainly due to previous negative experiences. I once had a garage fail my car at inspection because it had a hole in the exhaust system. They promptly proceeded to try to sell me an entire new exhaust system for over $1000. I took it to another garage and the car passed with flying colors. Apparently, the hole was so small they never even detected it. Several months later I started getting noise from the exhaust system. Turns out all I needed was a new muffler. For it to last that long with absolutely no noise, it must have been a "pin hole" sized hole in the first place. It cost me $65 and ended up lasting the life of the vehicle. The original hole was probably in the muffler, which is certainly "part" of the exhaust system. But everyone knows this can be replaced separate of the rest of the exhaust system. That's only one of a list of similar stories I can tell you.....everything from installing parts "backwards", to using inferior OEM replacement parts that failed. The moral of the story? The bad apples do a disservice to all of the honest mechanics out there. Unfortunately, like most professions, you sometimes get judged collectively instead of individually. It's not fair. Just the way things are.