: Northern Virginia Dealers - Recommendations

Huey Driver
10-11-11, 02:07 PM
I've been through the forums, searched the web, and thought I would solicit some recommendations for DC Area (specifically NoVa) dealers. I will be getting my first Cadillac (SRX, but I'm lifelong GM), probably around the Dec/Jan timeframe.
I typically keep my vehicles longer (7 years on my Trailblazer, 9 years on my S-10 Blazer) and always do my own wrenching. But, I'm done with that, it was the maintenance program that sold me on the '12s.
So, I am looking for the whole experience, and will need a dealer that treats me well at the sale, and continues with the service.
I'm a nice guy and quite reasonable, but do have expectations, so maybe I even need a dealer with a little more tolerance. :) I am not above grabbing a wrench or screwdriver to fix a minor issue, but rattles and such CAN be fixed, and I expect work to be performed to at least the quality as if I did it myself. I'll miss doing my own work, but I'm tired of being so sore after twisting myself into ways that I dont bend anymore (and I have buckets of oil and antifreeze in my garage that I STILL have to get to recycling)...
So, since people tend to post more often after a bad experience (and the comments about the dealers around here are quite dated), I was hoping people could give me some more recent feedbacks (both good and bad). I know Lindsay is held in high regard here, and I appreciate the assistance Luke provides. Fact is, though that I intend to get Sales and Service from the same place, to keep things simple, and Moore is closer. But I'll be checking both out, and was looking for more experiences from others.
No matter how great a dealer is, chances are they will piss off someone, sometime. But for every negative post someone puts on the internet, there's probably 100s of happy customers, and I am ever the optimist...

10-11-11, 02:28 PM
It has been a few years, things do change, but a Forums member started off some Seville repairs at Moore in Fairfax and wound up having the remainder of the work done at Lindsay.

A CF member, ewill3rd, used to be a tech at Lindsay but he's been very quiet for over a year.

WAY out of your area, but I have had excellent work and relations with Fitzgerald Cadillac just off Rt.50 in Annapolis.

Huey Driver
10-28-11, 07:12 PM
Moore Chantilly wins great comments... I kinda regret I didnt check other dealers, but they are the closest and I wanted the whole experience. I wanted to buy where I would service and didnt see myself driving further, if they passed the test.

After agreeing on a deal for a 2012 SRX Lux at dlr invoice, and coming in a little low on my trade ($6k vs KBB of about $6.8k) the Mgr came in and gave me an ADDITIONAL $250 off the car and $500 towards my trade. Again, there were people out there that quoted lower over email, but I never would have gone back again and would have had to start all over with a new dealer for service. They were wonderful people to work with and treated me like I expected to be treated.

I cant fault them on the trade. KBB was higher, but there was lots of work needed on the trade. Brakes were worn out, 98k miles, and the Nav/radio didnt really work most of the time (thankfully it did while they were appraising it!)... I took the trade deal and ran before they could dig more into it!