: Check engine light

10-10-11, 01:46 PM
After having Auto Zone trouble shoot my engine it was found that my Secondary Air Injection system has a fault.
It is either an open fuse of a defectilve relay circuit---a connector and wiring----Air pump defective or hoses blocked.
Is this something that must be dealt with or may I ignore it and keep driving my 2001 SLS with only 12,000 miles?

10-10-11, 05:04 PM
This really belongs in Engines: Northstar Performance or even in Seville/Eldorado. Many, many, many posts and threads on this problem

Your car has its own built in code reader/scanner/memory. Go to the Seville Forum and open the sticky post "How to pull codes". practice, write down all codes and whether they are Current or History. Return to the sticky and open the link with "obd2" in the address - that will take you to a Master Index of all P,B,C, and U trouble codes.

The AIR system supplies fresh air to the exhaust manifolds in order to fully burn warmup rich fuel exhaust mixtures and light off the cat. It is a performance and emissions function. There's a relay clipped to the right strut tower. Two control valves: one on the right (rear) cam cover, one down just in front of the thermostat housing (driver's end of the engine). Remove the beauty cover and trace out the vacuum system from the throttlebody to the control solenoid to the individual valves. If all that's OK, the pump itself (they tend to freeze up from moisture ingestion) is located on the body flat just inside the front of the LF wheelwell - inside the removable plastic liner.

You can drive with the AIR system dead but you run the real risk of plugging a $1,500 cat/exhaust system that is now out of stock.

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