: Several things about the Fleetwood..??

10-29-04, 10:41 PM
I found air shocks for the '94 Fleetwood for about $60.00 bucks for either 1 or 2, is this a good price??? It is to me, but quality wise does that seem like a good shock??? This was on autozone.com.

If I were to have the water pump replaced for a '94 with the LT-1 at a Chevy or Cadillac dealer, does anyone know how much it would run me, with labor??? I found a Valucraft water pump on Autozone.com for $52.00 bucks including the core charge, then another water pump with NO core charge for $120.00 bucks...

How costly are air lines to replace? I didnt have any luck finding parts for those, probably best to call Cadillac and buy them from them.

This Saturday will probably be the day I look at it, and I like it so far. It has the Brougham package, tan leather interior, a green paint, and possibly a black/green carriage top, I cant quite tell.

Anyone have any advice on what to check out on the car??? As you know, I had to dump the '93 Fleetwood I test drove because the frame was cut under the car, it was covered in grease/oil, the air compressor kept coming on, and finally no seat belt for the passenger.

Apparently the '94's have a power save feature, could someone enlighten me on this? I would assume if you leave your head lights on, then it would shut them off automatically, or lets say your air pump keeps coming on, it would shut down to save the battery from dieing.

10-30-04, 12:05 AM
I know some people wont agree with me but, if you get any parts for your caddy get them from the factory they last longer, they of cause will cost more but it is worth it, I will never buy crappy aftermarket parts.

10-30-04, 12:14 AM
Yeah I agree. See if you could find a local auto parts store that carries ac delco parts. I found a place in Brooklyn, the delco pump came out to about 130.00 bucks and that came with the thermostat...

barge master
10-30-04, 05:02 AM
I know some people wont agree with me but, if you get any parts for your caddy get them from the factory they last longer, they of cause will cost more but it is worth it, I will never buy crappy aftermarket parts.
I've been getting Delco parts a lot lately too. Rebuilt water pumps are worthless IMO. A lot of new parts are not much better. For the extra couple dollars the factory stuff is worth it.

10-31-04, 08:21 PM
i honestly always buy remanufactured parts and never have any problems with bad parts or the same part breaking often i do buy the good parts when i think its not good to cheapen out for ex. brakes fuel/oil filters air filters stuff like that but i have those air shocks from autozone gabrial hi jacks or something they've worked very well for 2 years now no problems just MAKE SURE to route the lines away from exhaust pipes and coil springs my lines got cut once with a coil spring a few days after i installed mine.

the parts that go bad are the bushings and gasket anyways reman is just the same metal part cleaned up and with the new plastic parts.

ive had plenty of waterpumps from autozone on various cars and never had any leaks or cooling problems within 40,000 miles or more.

honestly whenever i have replaced the factory water pump on 3 of my cars with autozone pumps ALL of them have lasted the life of the car or until i sell it EVERY single time.

BUT if you have the money and it's not an issue i would go with ac delco for the hell of it but if the install is done well i honestly with personal experience have seen both new and reman function the same.

KEEP IN MIND remanfactured parts are just factory parts cleaned up with new gaskets/bushings installed.

only thing you are paying double price for is supposedly new metal but in one way or another all metal is reman or recycled.

if i totaled the price of all the countless factory parts i have replaced on my car for maintenance, i have saved so much money that even if one day i have to replace a part twice i can still afford to do that same part 40-50 times or more and still have money left over i would have otherwise spent on new parts.

i would never say reman is better but its not worse and they are not HIGH PERFORMANCE so don't trying doing constant 1/4 mile laps or drag racing etc. with a reman. waterpump cause it will fail with time just like an ac delco get an edelbrock waterpump for that stuff other wise i support reman for the functional and money efficient PROS. By NO MEANS am i cheap with my car i spend as much on looks as i do on internal parts.

there is no right or wrong answer just preference try one out or buy one and compare i did a couple times when i was new to this whole thing

last thing i'll say on this topic is if you were a company selling reman parts would you sell subpar parts/crap and be willing to put up with USA's massive lawsuit addiction? there would be so many class action lawsuits it'd be kind of funny

most new/reman part failures are bad installations that is if it happens shortly after installation.

10-31-04, 09:06 PM
I have heard that the water pumps do go bad(obviously), and since the car is 10 years old and has 100k miles, im a little worried about that. There is no temperature gauge on the car, and the only real warning I will get is a hot light on the dash.

What signs are there that the water pump is going bad? I read on this board that they were a b*tch to replace, because you had to remove so much stuff to get to it. Does anyone know how long this would take at a dealership??? I know I could take it to a Chevy or Caddy dealer, as they are pretty generic engines. The last thing I want is a blown engine...

Of course, I cant do any mechanical work myself, heck I've never changed the oil on a car before, Ive helped by dad, and all I did was watch.

10-31-04, 09:36 PM
The gabriel Hi jackers in my opinion are very good air shocks... Simply because the air bag isn't exposed like like other companies..,.