: What Naivgation do you use and why

10-09-11, 05:16 PM
Ok so i guess im trying to pick out my New Indash
i am really considering 1 of 2 models
the Kenwood 6180
and the Pioneer x930bt

They both have the built in navigation and all the options that you could ever want included
both are indash units

problem is i went to a store and checked it out and i have heard the Pro's for Kenwood are it has the Garmine Naivgation Built in
and the Con's to it is it is a bit time lagging and someone even said in the reviews that the GPS lags a bit

the Pioneer seems to be good but it does not use a Garmine Navigation wich means the maps would be updated less i belive the Pioneer uses Navteq and they don't update as much as Garmine does

So im trying to figure out wich to go with

or see if there are any out there that have work even better wich would be in the same price range somewhere around 700-800 dollars

So what do you use and do you have any issues with them any bugs that you live with but at the same time just can't stand at times ?

please don't post that u use a windshield mount or handheld unit or a map
im not intrested in these
i am only intrested in finding out about Indash units
Thank you

10-09-11, 05:29 PM
What Naivgation (sic) do you use.....................

Texaco and Shell road maps. Free, use no power, and easily replaced with free updated maps. (and nobody steals them)

10-09-11, 06:28 PM
hahahaha Sub
i know you like those and are not into indash units let me edit my posting to say what Indash units do you use lol

10-10-11, 05:28 PM
I like the pioneer ones personally because you can update them with USB from your computer really easily and they are much more user friendly and stable, but I would not recommend putting one in your seville, I had one in mine and I hated it, makes the bose sound bad IMO unless your putting all new speakers in your car? I would just stick with the stock unit..

10-10-11, 07:36 PM
i have talked to sevral audio shops i called around to ask about the GMOS06 they knew i was getting my own parts and all
and having a friend do the install but they are preaty nice here and when they have been working all day they will take 10 minutes to chart in person or over the phone about how they feel about some equipmet and all
out of 4 shops and none of these include best buy lol
they said togethere they have put in about 40 GMOS-06 units in the last 2 years to keep the bose system for there customers and there has only been one problem out of 40 and that they never tracked down they just took the other route and wired the old radio to the trunk and all was good
so im happy taking that 1 our of 40 chance and gambling and if it doesn't work out then ill put my speakers on Ebay and go buy all new speakrs and amp hardest thing is going to be finding a Open or free sub that is any good