: Professional Car Photographers?

10-06-11, 11:51 PM
After seeing many photos of various cars, it gets to be very obvious on some photos, that they were professionally done. I'm envious and wonder who does this kind of work.
Also, about how much do these sessions cost? How about some of you(we know who you are), share your thoughts so I know what I'm looking at. Once I find out, Ill probably
go back to trying to take better photos myself. Cecil............:crying2:

10-07-11, 06:36 AM
I'm not a pro, but here are some suggestions...

Use interesting, unique angles.

Get low to the ground, move in close and zoom out for slightly distorted close ups

Get low and move far and zoom in to flatten the image

Look at the whole picture, what is behind, what adds value, what detracts, what focuses you on the subject versus away from the subject. It's the stuff you don't think about when looking at a photo that sometimes is what makes it good

If you have a half decent camera, look at how you can use depth of field to push attention to certain areas by using a smaller f-stop (wider apature).

Spend an afternoon walking around your house to find things to take pictures of, experiment with small stuff to see what is interesting to you before driving around to find unique background spots for the car. Or play with car interior shots, logos, shift knob, steering wheel, buttons, etc