: Is This Normal in the DIC?

10-06-11, 08:24 AM
Whenever I put the car into "Competitive Mode", that message stays in the DIC, until I manually cancel it by pressing one of the buttons. It will not disappear on its own. However, if I also put the suspension into "Sport Mode", then that replaces the "Competitive Mode" message and the DIC reverts back to the speed readout after a few seconds.
The suspension "Sport Mode" message will always disappear, whether or not "Competitive Mode" has been engaged, while the "Competitive Mode" message never disappears on its own.
I'm curious if any others experience this, or is it just a quirk with my car?

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10-06-11, 08:42 AM
Mine does the same thing. I think it's normal.

10-06-11, 09:01 AM