: Drive Shaft is on the way out...

10-05-11, 11:18 PM
So, my drive shaft is on its way out.. I hear an ugly noise from where it connects to the diff when shifting gears.. Also, there is some play when the car is in Neutral and I turn the drive shaft with my hand..Whats my best bet when replcing the driveshaft ? Where's the best place ?

10-06-11, 06:57 AM
There is always some play when the driveshaft is turned by hand because there is considerable play in the limited slip clutch packs inside the differential which is often mistakenly referred to as "back lash." If the ugly noise you hear when shifting gears is a "clunk" the culprit is likely the differential bushing.

I will defer to others regarding the sounds a failing driveshaft makes since I have not experienced that. If I do, I will likely replace it with a new driveshaft from GeForce.

10-06-11, 09:49 AM

Darkman...it's like you know

10-06-11, 10:36 AM
I've learned to live with the clunky drivetrain... it is what it is..

10-06-11, 02:13 PM
Clunk? What clunk? huh? Vs clunk?

10-06-11, 09:14 PM
dive shaft?

10-06-11, 09:15 PM
I just changed out the Diff and the bushing.. Maybe I'' pay the $70 bucks and have Cadillac look at it and tell me what's wrong ? When I replaced the Diff the bearings came out of the drive shaft.. I put them back as good as possible, what a PITA.. Can they be put in wrong ?

10-06-11, 09:26 PM
I have gone thru about three drive shafts... my best find has been used thru O'riellys autoparts...paid about $200 for the last one..I believe regular CTS and SRX's are the same..but don't hold me to that...OEM was $841 my cost thru my shop discount...I have since fixed the vibration that was causing failures..bad RR rim....

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10-06-11, 10:02 PM
Mrmojo, you think any O'Reillys would have them or would I just call around ? I didn't even know they could find used items...I rather pay $200 Than $900..

10-06-11, 10:22 PM
I believe the oriellys source parts from larger national high end salvage yards like LKQ here in dallas..so they don't actually stock them. I have a shop and there fore have a good relationship with my local shop. They actually found me two..and one was junk. So ultimately, finding the large salvage company is key. This company found me a good v rim in northern ontario. Ill see if I can post a link to them...give me a couple of minutes..

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10-06-11, 10:27 PM

I'm new to this forum app on my phone..so this might be a mobile link. If that doesn't work pm me tomarrow and ill catch the number at me shop.

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10-06-11, 10:33 PM
IT was the link but it came up with not having any in stock..I really appreciate your help.. I really think the drive shaft is the cause of my issues..

10-06-11, 10:35 PM
Unless I didn't use the site correctly..

10-06-11, 10:54 PM
http://www.justparts.com/Auto_Parts/20139906?q=2005+CADILLAC+CTS+REAR+DRIVE+SHAFT+MT+6 3744+MILES

I just googled it and found one for $350 keep looking buddy. Search long and u will find a good deal.

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10-06-11, 11:01 PM
Thanks bud.. HEy, question for ya.. When you replace a drive shaft.. Are the bearings on the diff side supposed to be exposed ?

10-06-11, 11:03 PM
I think I might want someone to put this in for me so I don't mess it up...

10-06-11, 11:49 PM
Its cake easy to do..but if I remember correctly the rear is more like a flange? So no...I remember getting a used one with bad exposed bearings and I tried to transfer mine over and I failed miserably...but my drive shafts separated at the rubber coupling..in fact I used a 3/8 inch 6 inch ext to hold it together to drive it home. Fit perfectly.