: left rear wheel very hot? help w/ 94 fleetwood

10-29-04, 12:01 PM
after my rear disc and diff gear upgrade my LEFT rear wheel seems to get very hot althought the right side wheel gets warm my left side wheel gets super hot i'd say about 4X more than the right and the fronts barely get warm.

all new brake pads and discs. i know it's not the slide pin in the rear caliper cause the are lubed up. I also know it's not the e-brake.

I don't know if this is normal cause i actually never felt my wheels before to see if they got hot or not.

This happened today after only 20 mins of driving in nice cool weather and the ground is wet.

Strange thing to me is only the left rear wheel gets super hot and not any other wheel hot enough to not stand touching it for more than 2 secs but not hot enough to get burned.The whole rear disc and caliper and center of the rim gets hot so i am thinking its caused by the disc and caliper not by the rim itself i don't know if it could be the new brake pads? It was a very tight squeze to get the brake pads on.I have not done the stealth bolt brake mod yet.

just let me know if you think its normal or what to do?

barge master
10-30-04, 05:49 AM
That doesn't sound good. I'd go through the normal channels. Get both the rear wheels up and spin them, see if there's a drag. Look the rotor over for heat discoloration. The brake being a force fit on that side sounds suspicious. If you managed the rearend I'm sure you'll figure it out. Good luck.

10-30-04, 10:22 AM
yeah its a seized piston or at least it doesn't go back in as it should at stays "on" all the time so when i go into the expressway it starts to give off a smell i'll fix it today.