View Full Version : What can I do myself? Sorry dealership!

10-04-11, 03:12 PM
I started the "15,000 miles later thread " in hopes of finding out what my dealership was going to do at the
15,000 mile point.
Sube replied, Don't let them replace the cabin filter at a cost well over $100. Amazon has them at $17 and the install
is very easy. Thanks Sube for the savings, next time I see you, the drinks are on me.
So now I'm interested in finding out, What can I do myself, that the dealership will gladly do for much
more than it is probably worth?

10-04-11, 03:52 PM
If you're getting a state inspection at the same time they'll do a series of checks, most of which are listed on page 10-3 of the manual. The recommended tire rotation is 5,000 to 8,000 miles. I don't know if you've had that done yet. With the all wheel drive and a fairly even weight distribution, so far I've found that my tires are wearing perfectly evenly. I had mine rotated once, but even then they didn't need it. It didn't cost me and I was just going by the manual. I'm not going to lose any sleep over this one. I think I'll just keep an eye on them to ensure that they continue to wear evenly. My last car had front wheel drive. Tire rotation was an absolute necessity, so I'm not used to this.

All of the other stuff you're probably used to changing regularly (air filter, engine coolant, spark plugs, etc.) isn't due for a long time. Check your manual (page 10-2). When it is due, the air filter is pretty easy to change yourself.

Don't forget your OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics will alert you to impending service intervals too.

You can pretty much relax and just enjoy the car. You're a long ways away from needing anything major done.