: 99 concours brakes squealing!!

10-04-11, 01:37 AM
So my 99 deville concours is making a lot of squeaking/ squealy noises which only go away when i step on the brakes. The noise is coming from the back, looked at the pads, they don't look that bad but i could be wrong. Anyways willing to change the pads if it will get rid of the annoying noise. Are the pads for the concours, same as the ones for the deville or the sts of the same year? Also willing to change them at home, anything to watch out for?

Thanks in advance,

10-05-11, 12:45 PM
The caliper lower bolt comes out, the caliper swings on the upper bolt/pin and slides off. The piston DOES NOT press back into the rear calipers - it screws in and must be aligned with the indents in the face of the new pads - part of the parking brake self-adjustment system.

If your brakes are squealing it's either excessively worn pads, bad rotors, or both.

Somebody else - Does this car have pad wear sensors ?? ..........and if it does, I wonder if they have been bypassed.

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10-07-11, 10:15 PM
Not sure if it has electrical wear sensors (don't think so), but the squealing is from the mechanical wear indicator tab rubbing on the rotor. Changing pads will cure it.