: drop kit?

10-29-04, 07:48 AM
What are the pros and cons of getting the truck dropped? Also what is the the best kit out there? I was thinking of ground force but if the competition is better Ill use them. Im looking to put this on the 02 ext.

10-29-04, 08:10 AM
if you drop it, it will be a little harsher ride. and you might notice some cornering problems. they usually aren't noticable unless you're racing, but they would be there. also, you're tires might rub.

10-29-04, 10:15 AM
You Have To Go With The Mcgaughys 2/3 Deluxe Drop. I Have Had Both The Ground Force And Mcgaughys. The Mcgaughys Rides Almost Like Stock. I Have Had It On For 25k Miles And Have Had No Problems At All. I Think The Mcgaughys Has New Spindles Which Is What Saves The Ride.

10-29-04, 02:33 PM
what is the camber like and how do the tires wear? any input would be greatly appreciated-ThankYou :)

10-31-04, 02:47 AM
I have ground force, 3" drop all around , the thing i like is you can adjust the ride anytime you want. I have had no problems, the only time you will notice is on bad roads, and plus I have 24's so that of course doesnt help. The only time my tires ever rub is when i turn the wheel, fully and hold it in place while im moving, other than that I would much rather have a lowering kit than have it stock.

10-31-04, 09:24 AM
Without a doubt, go with Mcgaughys. The ride is much much better without a doubt.