View Full Version : Switch Backlight

10-03-11, 04:13 PM
My 91 brougham seems to be filled with minor problems this week :(
....Anyways, my problem is the switch that turns on the headlights/twilight sentinel.
The switch works fine, turns on the headlights and all, but the backlight to the switch does not
come on. It remains unlight when the head lights come on.

Is there a bulb behind that switch, or do I have to fork out the cash for a whole new switch?


10-03-11, 05:05 PM
There's a bulb in the back of it (I think it's the standard 194). You just need to take the switch out of the instrument panel and then it should be pretty simple to change.

10-03-11, 05:09 PM
Cool, thanks..Just wanted to know, before i took everything apart.