: 04-05 Rear End Issues

10-03-11, 11:54 AM
Hi, I'm looking at a few 04-05 V's, and was looking for a quick education on what to look for in a used V for rear end issues. Also wondering what the best fix is and at roughly what cost?

I'm up here in rural Canada, and we have limited mechanics with experience in this area.


10-03-11, 12:39 PM
the meet and greet thread is pretty long, but the link will take you to the start of the discussion about buying used Gen1 V-series and the checklist of items to look for

10-03-11, 01:33 PM
Thanks for the links, they were great.

Having trouble finding info on costs for repairing/replacing/upgrading the rear ends in 04-05 tho..... help please.

10-03-11, 01:41 PM
From what I understand, the differential stock, costs about $1,500 or so. There are alternatives, although they are not cheap as well, but provide a much better system such as CS 8.8 rear or the 9 inch from GForce. GForce also makes axles. If the diff isn't whining and is in good condition, your best bet may be an anti wheel hop kit to not damage it, as well as not inducing wheelhop in the first place, so no hard launches, etc.

10-03-11, 07:25 PM
Hi Jason4est

I live in Calgary, pretty close to Brooks (a measly 160 km :P). I have blown up my rear-end and upgraded to the Creative Steel 8.8" If your looking to do the LS7 clutch replacement or the CS 8.8" I can give you a hand or do it in my garage for you for a fair price. I have done all my work myself so if your curious you can come see the results and try-em out if you wish. I can tell you that side by side the 8.8" looks WAY more badass then a GEN4 Getrag (which I destroyed). Here is my thread trying to find the same answers I think you are looking for:


There are plenty of other similar threads espousing the pro's and con's of the different upgrades. The main con seems to be price compared to a stocker, but the stockers keep breaking so I'm thinking it's worth it if you really want all the fun from the car that it can give you. I must add that it can give you ALLOT of fun if your not scared to push it (ie. upgrade rear-end).

Gratz on the V :)