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10-02-11, 11:24 AM
For you fellow V owners that were at Road Atlanta we seen a barn burner with the Caddies kicking butt and taken names!! Johhnny O qualified on the pole and Andy was 4th on the grid. Drop of the green the war was on between the caddies and our brotheren Vette boys. It was an intense battle for both of the caddies. The Vette's gave Johnny a run for the money but the silver bullets were just much for the Vette's to handel. At times it looked like the vettes were saving their tires for a late race blast but johnny had the field covered from the drop fo the green flag, plus Road Atlanta is his home track. Andy had to work his magic while followed the other team Vette waiting to pounce at any little mistake he made. About 15 min's remained in the race, Andy made his move and it was all over the for the other vette team car who finished forth. But it was a great day for GM who scored the top four positions. This allow Andy to join Johnny on the podium. What a way to end the 2011 season and build momentium going into the 2012 season. There were a lot of Johnny O and Andy Pilgram fans making noise for our V drivers as they step onto the podium in front of the crowd at Road Atlanta, what an awesome job done by the whole caddie crew, Job well done!!!!

But not the glory was accepted by all, seams some of the competitors filed an offical protest with SCCA so they confiscated Johnny's motor and one from the 2nd place vette to be dynoed and torned down for inspection. It amazes me that a pourshe can have penalty weight for winning preiouse races and still come the next race and win a double race weekend and nothing ever said!! But when the caddies win and enjoy some glory people start talking about cheating. I t wasn't like this race made caddie the champion of the series, it was a win for the this race. We'll have to wait for the results from SCCA and see what they find.

There was also a caddie corral for all caddie owners to park you ride without fear of it being damage while you enjoyed the race Caddilac had a nice spot with Len and Andrew ensuring that we had parking spots and nobody messed with our V's. They also were giving away cadillac racing T-shirts to the lucy ones who parked in the corral and any spectatore who ventured by and signed up on the caddie web site. Great job caddllace but how about getting the word out in the future to the caddie forums so more caddie owners can enjoy these great events. Looking forward to St Petersburgh 2012

Mike :cool2:

10-02-11, 10:30 PM
Soundz like a gret time....:D

10-03-11, 10:56 AM
Me likey too.