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09-29-11, 10:50 AM
The front passenger belt buckle broke. the actual plastic around the metal broke off. It is the part that goes over you. Not the part that you snap into. Has anyone ever had this problem? How to fix it? Any diagrams on how to fix it? Do i need to replace the whole assembly?

Thanks for any help.

09-29-11, 07:19 PM
See attached.

09-30-11, 06:53 AM
Awesome! thanks. This will help me a lot.

04-22-12, 12:21 PM
I have this same problem. Has the attachment been removed from the previous thread?

04-23-12, 09:11 AM
Here you go.

09-05-12, 12:16 AM
Reviving this thread...
I just bought a replacement P-side seatbelt assembly for a broken seatbelt clip (the part you drape over your body). I looked at the attachment, yeah just pull the skin off the seat...so simple :bonkers:

I'm not sure how to remove the side airbag cover or the top piece where the seatbelt comes through.

I removed the back cover and didn't get any farther than this.

Last thing I want to do is break more stuff or set off an airbag - battery is disconnected btw. So if anyone has some suggestions or experience with the next steps, please advise!

09-05-12, 06:56 AM
See attached.

09-05-12, 11:52 AM
Huge help, thanks!

09-08-12, 11:56 PM
Ok, replacing the passenger front seat belt totally sucked. I ended up breaking the seat belt holster plastic trim in the process...$20 - it was already cracked anyway. It was an unnerving process pealing the skin off my seat...that was after figuring out how to remove the side airbag with crap instructions.

End result, like new minus the cursing in the process .

01-03-13, 04:18 PM
Do you know the part number on that seat belt holster plastic trim piece? I have the same plastic piece broken on mine.

01-03-13, 05:35 PM
The following are the part numbers I used to replace the bezel on the passenger side:

88992616 body hardware, seats & tracks, tracks & components, cover inner, black Right $4.80
88992618 body hardware, seats & tracks, tracks & components, belt cover black Right $3.11
shipping $9.00

Good Luck!