: Wire Wheels and Centre Caps.

09-28-11, 01:50 AM
So, to make a long story short, when you jump a Curb to save someone's life from making an illegal and stupid maneuver on the highway and bend a rim, it sucks

The Rim: The wheel LOOKS perfectly round, I just have this odd wobble at mid-range speeds that is apparently caused by a very slight bend in it. Not enough to really notice or even enough to effect air pressure in the tyre. (Will get photos later)

The Centre Cap: So, the same wheel, after this ordeal was not actually missing the centre cap. It is missing it now however, most likely caused by said wobble, in possible conjunction with the curbjump itself. Either way, while I know when it was most likely lost, that was a very long trip and it could be anywhere...So where can I find a new one?

HobbyCar used to have them, but not I get a 404 on the page for the RWD wire wheels, which really sucks, because I only want to buy the set of 4 CentreCaps, whether or not I only need one.

Is there any other destination I should check? Likewise, I know there are more than one type of centre cap, so I may need photos for that too.

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09-28-11, 10:22 AM
Caps are tough to find. I got one with my wheels, someone gave me another one, then I found two more on ebay. I had to patch one together with JB Weld to get it looking good. Best bet? Keep looking on ebay, and your local for sale sites. They will be expensive on ebay, but you just might find a complete set of wheels locally that would be worth buying just for the caps.

09-28-11, 02:04 PM
That was already my plan. TheShinyWheel.com sells some labeled as "deville" wheels in both the crimson and beige colours, which is awesome, but they are not the same as the three on my car. Rather, they are the same as the one I welded into a belt buckle. I figure I should test to see how tat would fit and if it does, I can just buy four more. At $78 a piece, it will cost nearly what I paid for all four wheels to begin with.

09-28-11, 09:48 PM
Post some pictures of your wheel and center... I have a stock wire wheel or 2 that I could part with...They are not perfect, but not bad..