: Martin V1000

09-27-11, 11:35 PM
The Martin V1000 expands on the excitement of Cadillacís 2012 CTSV. The car is categorized as an Extreme Elegance vehicle highlighting new styling and aerodynamics, tuned exhaust note, acceleration that command respect from the quickest sports cars in the world and yet a refined highway romantic cruiser.

The powerful engine not only delivers 1,000 hp but catapults the V1000 to performance times at 3.5 seconds and quarter-mile ETís of 10.9 seconds at 137 mph, and was the talk of the town. Many eyes were on the MARTIN V1000 as it exhibited tremendous excitement. The first car has been sold and Martin is taking new orders for its entire line of Cadillac vehicles. Martin will offer a nine vehicle line up of Cadillacís

The Martin V1000 will be featured at upcoming events around the country as well as the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

For more information on the Martin V1000 and other specialty vehicles and products, please visit our website at www.HaroldMartin.com or contact Kim Smith at (248)486-9613. View the Martin V video at http://www.youtube.com

09-30-11, 05:45 PM
Bring on the lulz, bring on the funk.