: Some dealers are "dealing"

PTC Sclade
10-28-04, 01:56 PM
Just came back from ordering a new STS. Black Raven with the cashmere interior. Took the 1SF package with the nav system etc. Was looking at the luxury V8 but I got the deal for $500.00 over invoice and a $1200 dealer coupon book. It was the same dealer I bought the 03 Escalade from last year and he did not want to see me leave. Talked to another smaller dealer about 25 miles away and he would give it to me for $500 over invoice right over the phone. I guess when you lay on the showroom flow, hold your breath until you turn blue, and kick alot you can get them to deal. Not really, had a good negotiation session with a couple of more phone calls the deal was done. Took about 4 hours. Dealer said about 4 weeks since it was a sold vehicle. Looking forward to the new experience. I do not think my dealer wants that info out but if you email me I will and can tell you the name of the dealer who would do the deal over the phone. He is about 40 miles south of Atlanta.

10-28-04, 10:34 PM
Hi, how did you get this $1,200 dealer coupon?

All the dealers that I spoke to say that there is no such thing here in Detroit.

Thanks, Rich

PTC Sclade
10-29-04, 08:58 AM
It is an individual plan they have put together. It is not sponsored by GM. I got one given to me when I bought the Escalade. Now they charge for them but it was part of my deal. They discount oil changes, major maintenance items, etc. They give you a little more priority service and hand wash the vehicle if you wish when they are finished. I do not think I will ever use all the discounts but it is a nice feature.


10-29-04, 09:25 AM
Would that be Coweta county??