View Full Version : How-to change the secondary AIR INJECT (P0410)

09-26-11, 03:34 PM
1- turn the wheels to the left
2- Remove the filler panel


3- Remove your headlight housing (if you are changing the AIR inlet hose too)


4- lift your car and remove the driver front wheel

5- remove the splash shield


6- Remove the AIR inlet hose from the pump and disconnect the electrical connector.
Optional (I did that because i have big hands and i needed more space) : Remove the pump from the housing (3 bolts)


7- remove the pump housing by loosening the 2 bolts in the bottom and removing the one on the top


AIR INJECT removed and ready to install your new one


Remove the old AIR inlet hose (if you are changing it too)


Sorry I didnt take any pictures during the installation just the removing

1- Install the new pump (3 bolts) I also removed the new one from the housing just to make it easier for me again you don't have to do that,
tighten everything up (I think the torque was 9n.m)

2- reconnect the electrical connector and the AIR inlet housing (make sure it's snapped properly in it's place)

3- if you are changing the inlet hose too route the new one between the inner and outer fenders and make sure the filter is secured into it's place on the inner fender

4- reconnect the AIR outlet

5- install the splash shield again and the wheel ( I always recommend to drive your can in figure 8 or in 2 circles left and right after any job required a wheel installation and re-torque the tires again)

6- lower your car and install back your headlight housing and the filler panel

7- clear your codes and cross your fingers you didn't forget anything :P

09-26-11, 03:41 PM
I never removed the headlight nor the filler panel when I did mine. Did it all from beneath.

09-26-11, 03:47 PM
well as I said, I have big hands for this job so I did everything that can make the whole thing easier.