: STS advice

09-26-11, 01:15 PM
I'm on the market for a 06-07 v6 STS with about 50k miles since those fall on my price range. I never owned a Cadillac but I drove a 03 cts quite alot aswell as a 2008cts. So I'm wondering if any of you STS owners had many problems?, I read about the timing chain which worries me. Thanks

09-26-11, 02:36 PM
My advice is that if you are worried about repairs get a Certified Pre Owned or make sure and buy a GM warranty when you buy your car. I have only had my STS for a few months and no issues other then a rough idle upon starting car in the morning, but I dont think I need to take my car in for that..

09-26-11, 05:03 PM
Don't know about the timing chain since I had a V8 but my impression from seeing posts on here is its not a big deal. I just don't see that many posts about it but others could know better and a search could benefit you on the topic.

In general as you know Cadillac is the top of the GM pyramid. And within Cadillac STS is the best. I have a lot of respect for GM and I figure I'll toll around in their best product. With that being said they are complicated machines. Do w/o AC and you will never have an AC problem. But that is not what makes a Cadillac....... it is the technology toys and gadgets. As far as warranties I think that is a personal philosophy. Either you believe in the concept and expect its cost justified or you say I don't need one and will pay as I go.

I love my STS and think its a great car. A few issues but noting thats overwhelming.

09-26-11, 09:52 PM
Personally, I want all the toys and ACC is the best of all. Until 2008, the V-6 is underpowered but at least the 1SC's are well equipped.

Spend some time on test drives to be sure, V-8's don't cost much more. Upgrades aren't easy. Buy your STS.

09-26-11, 10:40 PM
I purchased mine about a month ago now. So far it has been running well, but I had a rear window regulator crap out on me. I went with the V8 option, as the gas mileage and cost wasn't that different. That and I like V8's :) Keep an eye out for a clean one and you should be alright.

09-27-11, 11:31 AM
I am not a big fan of extended warrantees, but when it comes to cadillacs, unfortunately, I think they are important. The CPO is the best there is and if you can find a dealer that offers them a lot, they will be priced into their advertised price and I dont think you pay much for the program. Cadis are loaded with a lot of gizmos/sensers/etc, that seem to go out and the replacement parts are expensive. I am on my 3rd CPO vehicle now.

09-27-11, 05:27 PM
I will go check some out soon im considering a v6 2006 34k miles fully loaded(woodgrain) and a 2007 54k miles not so loaded both around same price

09-27-11, 07:06 PM
Technically, "fully loaded" = option code 1SG

The other primary codes all start with 1S_. 1SB has the fewest base options, 1SG the most.

09-27-11, 07:25 PM
Technically, "fully loaded" = option code 1SG

The other primary codes all start with 1S_. 1SB has the fewest base options, 1SG the most.

Im new to cadillacs so I wouldnt know lol , I say loaded because it had wood trim and seat warmers, I really dont mind having those things or not to me every caddy is nice

are those codes found on the VIN?

09-27-11, 09:53 PM
They are on a sticker on the cover over the spare in the trunk.

Some places may put the code on the sticker they slap on their used cars. Just something to look for to help you judge the original equipment package. Given 2 cars from the same year, similar mileage, expect to see a higher price on a 1SG over the other 1S_ package configurations.

09-27-11, 10:31 PM
The difference between men and boys is the size and price of the toys.

With some patience, a 1SG doesn't cost much more than cars with limited features. But it is important to know ones own preferences. Shop around to decide how your STS should be equipped. Then shop seriously for your STS.

09-28-11, 11:58 AM
Ok I am coming back to Cadillac after a 5 year hiatus. Is there a way to visually verify the performance option vs no option vs loaded option? I would like limited slip and a firmer ride. Thanks in advance for any help. By the way my last Cadillac was a 1995 northstar v8 ETC Eldorado and I put 185k miles on it from new before Katrina put it under water.

Melody Burkhead
09-29-11, 10:19 AM
Where do I find this option code? I have a 2006 STS4 v-8. there are so many options on it that it's driving me nuts. I would be better off with less stuff, I fear.
Never mind....after reading the rest of the thread....I know where to look for the option tag. I guess I never had a reason to look on the spare tire cover.....yet.

QUOTE=MacMuse;2728483]Technically, "fully loaded" = option code 1SG

The other primary codes all start with 1S_. 1SB has the fewest base options, 1SG the most.[/QUOTE]