: Help please!!

09-26-11, 11:49 AM
I posted this over in the SRX thread and they said I should post it here to hopefully get some help.

I hope someone can give me some advice or maybe a Cadillac team member will see this and help out. I have a 2008 SRX with the UV sunroof. There is a trim piece between the sunroof and front windshield about 3 feet wide and 3 or 4 inches tall. This piece cracked a couple of months ago and the dealership told me to bring it by (30 mile round trip) and they were great to cover the replacement under warranty. First 2 pieces they ordered arrived cracked, and since then they have made at least 6 attempts to get this simple plastic trim piece installed correctly. When I say they have made 6 attempts, that means I have made around 14 trips to the dealership to "let them take a look at it" and work on it. Every time the piece has been coming right back off, to the extent that a couple of times they have had to completely take it off for fear that it will literally blow off riding down the road. This last time they sent it to their body shop and they still didn't get it put on properly (corners aren't flush with the rest of the roof), but it was pretty close so I was trying to decide whether to risk getting it fixed again since it seemed to be glued on very well, or just live with it. Well, after 2 days the decision became easy as the piece has cracked and I am back to the same problem that started this process. Has anyone else experienced this? Hey Cadillac rep - can I get a new car under the lemon law? Kidding - I just want this one fixed so I can stop visiting the dealership at least once a week. Thanks for any advice or help.

09-26-11, 01:04 PM
I know this is not the advice you want, but were it me, I would go to another dealer. Even if that means a farther drive. Sounds like the dealer service department you have is inept. If that piece keeps breaking, my feeling is there is something else that is wrong, and the service department just keeps replacing the cheapest part. Maybe something in the roof or sunroof frame is bent or broken causing that piece to keep breaking. Who knows. Maybe a different dealer will though.

When I had my CTS, I drove 15 miles out of my way, bypassing two other Cadillac dealers, to go to the one that gave me great service.

09-26-11, 02:51 PM

Glue or epoxy all over the place, cracked piece, improper installation.

09-26-11, 05:52 PM
I am not quite sure what I am looking at in those photos. But it doesn't look very nice. I would definitely try a different dealer if at all possible.