: 100k 2005 sts v-8 CEL rough idle, loss of power, p0521-p0303-p0307

09-26-11, 10:48 AM
I just crossed the infamous 100k barrier on my 2005 v-8. Been a great car to this point. The other day I was leaving work when i noticed it was idle very rough at start up, then I got about a mile from my job and the CEL came on flashing. The light eventually came on solid and i noticed that it just didn't have the kick it normally had from a dead stop. I am thinking tune up, or maybe even bad ignition coil???? The p0521 code I find kind of baffling cause it relates to engine oil pressure sensor/switch. Any ideas as to how I should proceed??? The other two codes are misfires on cylinder 3 and 7....

09-26-11, 10:37 PM
If it's not the loose intake manifold bolts, it is time for spark plugs. Use OEM plugs.

09-27-11, 09:13 PM
Only OEM plugs!!!!

09-29-11, 09:33 AM
Intake bolts were tightened a couple days ago... car has a little more pep but still misfiring!!! I will be getting plugs and fuel filter as soon as I have time to install which will probably be this coming Sunday. Thanks guys... More to follow

09-30-11, 11:00 PM
If you don't have the fuel filter tool, buy one or have a local shop do it.