: 2008 sts4 making a high pitched noise when parked in my garage?

09-25-11, 11:33 PM
Any idea why my 2008 STS4 emits a faint high pitched noise while parked in my garage?? also anyone else have problems programming car transmitter to garage door openers?? thanks Tom

09-26-11, 01:52 AM
They all make that noise. My 06 does it too. I've never heard a real good answer to your question though. I've just heard speculation.

Dj Brady
09-26-11, 06:55 AM
Probably the fuel pump.

09-26-11, 04:05 PM

Were you talking about when the car is running or when the engine is off and you hear that high pitched sound and clicks when you pull the door handle or unlock / lock the car that lasts for several seconds?

Dj Brady
09-26-11, 09:59 PM
if it's a "few seconds when car first starts" thing, it could also be the rear suspension charging.

09-26-11, 10:03 PM
It happens after departing the car when it locks.

My 2006 doesn't do it but my wife's 2007 does. We concluded it's part of the security system. Are we right?

09-26-11, 10:46 PM
If you are having problems with programming the opener, see if you have one of those code jumping opener units. If so you will see a button on the back that you need to push while programming it. It is outlined in the owners manual. Let me know if you need a copy. I have an 05 copy that has the instructions in it.

09-27-11, 11:05 PM
^^^ Huh?

Did you intend to post to a different thread?

09-28-11, 03:20 AM
Nope, last part of his thread was talking about issues with the garage door opener and programming it to the car.

10-05-11, 03:47 PM
Well, I'd still like to know what that noise is... Mine does it too and its generally after opening/closing a door. To me, it sounds like it coming from the front half of the car, so I don't know about suspension charging. Overall it makes it sound like the car is hissing at me. Like maybe its pissed that I'm not driving it. I think I'm on to something...

10-05-11, 07:39 PM
The noise from my wife's 2007 V8 is certainly not a hiss. Its a squeal or whine, maybe 8-12 Hz. My bet is on the security system because I hear it after we both leave the car.

10-05-11, 10:15 PM
You mean 8-12 KHZ? You can not hear 8-12 HZ, feel maybe, but not hear! :)

10-07-11, 07:50 PM
My 08 STS V6 AWD has the same sort of high-pitched noise when I park and get out of the car (even if I don't lock it). My previous 07 STS V8 did the same thing. Seems to me that it is coming from under the hood and lasts about 30 to 60 seconds and then turns off. What is new/different about the V6 "Direct Injection" engine is that it also makes some loud clicking noises from under the hood. I'm not sure that that noise is either.

10-07-11, 09:39 PM
My 2008 STS AWD makes the same noise. I had it into the dealer for another reason and asked them what the noise was. I was told that he didn't know but that it was normal and I shouldn't worry about it. My 2005 1SG did not make this noise.

2 things drive me crazy about this car. The first is that when the car sits for a while (like when I start the car after being at work all day) the car idles at 1300 rpm for 32 seconds. If you don't wait for the idle to drop and put it in gear the car runs away when you take your foot off the brake. The dealer says it is normal. My 2005 1SG didn't do this.

The second is the voice recognition system. I thought my 2005 was bad, the 2008 is worse. You guessed it, the dealer says that it is normal and working properly. My sons 18k Chevy Cruze has a substantially better voice recognition and the sync in my friends Fusion is fantastic. For a world class car, it is a bit disappointing.

For the good news, the 2008 awd is averaging 25.5 MPG over the last 4k miles. The 1SG was doing 19.4..

10-08-11, 09:28 PM
You mean 8-12 KHZ? You can not hear 8-12 HZ, feel maybe, but not hear! :)

You are absolutely right. A high-pitched whine would be at least 5kHz.

10-20-11, 05:02 AM
My 07 STS makes this high pitched whine as well and I determined it to be the interior lighting. If you have very sensitive hearing you will notice it. I hear it but my wife does not. The noise stops when the interior lighting turns off after 30 seconds or so after exiting the car.

John Wicz
10-20-11, 11:06 AM
My 2009 does the same thing along with some click/clunk noises under the hood for about 30 seconds after the car is shut off or the door is opened.

10-20-11, 11:47 AM
Probably the PDM light dimmer module on the interior opera lights.