: Power Window - Plastic pulley repair

09-25-11, 03:22 PM
One day, selecting the driver's side door window up, I heard something snap / break. Then the window would go down without any issues, but it had trouble going up.

Instead of buying a new or junkyard window regulator, I decided to try to repair it.

A patio door wheel was found, but in was slightly smaller in diameter. The good thing about this pulley, it had a center bearing. So a screw and nut could pinch the pulley.

The repair.

Remove the regulator from the car.
Drill out the aluminum stud. Select a drill size that will remove the stud, but not damage the steel frame. The stud has a shoulder that has a bigger diameter for the pulley, but has a smaller diameter for the frame.

Found all of the hardware at Home Depot.
1/4" x 3/4" countersink Phillips screw and nut.
1/4" washer.
Prime-line pulley number D-1504 with a grove diameter of 1" and 0.330 thick.

The original pulley has a grove of about 1.6 inches and .210 inches thick.

Hope this helps.

09-25-11, 03:38 PM
Nice post. Necessity is the mother of invention.