: No Pictures, No Calendar

09-25-11, 05:55 PM
I've only got two pictures for the calendar so far. If you want your car in the calendar, get your digital camera out and give me 3 different pictures of your car, wheel, engine, etc.
I'll give it till friday and if no input, I'll ask Sal to take down the sign up sheet. Unless you guys just want to see my car...............I didn't think so. :hmm: Cecil..........

09-25-11, 07:56 PM
I'm planning to shoot my cts-v wagon once it shows up (mid/late October). Not sure if that meets your timeline.

I'd be happy to shoot a few others at the same time if folks are interested in both individual and multi-car shots. I was thinking of heading to Daytona Beach for some sunrise shots early in the morning (they permit cars on the beach at sunrise on November 1st).

here's a few from the old car:





09-25-11, 09:25 PM
I'd be happy to give you some. I didn't elect myself as the initial request was for modified car's however.

09-25-11, 11:49 PM
Initial request was for modified, but was changed to include stock coupe, sedan, and wagon. Please send to my email address in the Sticky and set the camera for more than 3.1 pixels. Cecil..........

09-26-11, 09:08 AM
Wont have mine for another couple of weeks, but if you still want pictures then I will be happy to submit.

09-26-11, 10:02 AM
I'll try to get a few of mine up in the next day or two...

09-26-11, 01:16 PM
I'll send you a couple of shots I took of my Vagon. Don't know if they're "calendar quality" but at least you have something to work with...

09-26-11, 01:25 PM
You guys who race/autocross should get some of those pictures posted.

09-26-11, 03:56 PM
Good Luck with the calendar.

I took the pics down as requested.

09-26-11, 04:01 PM
Never Mind

09-26-11, 04:16 PM
Man, I would swear that is a vette; not a Caddy V!

:Poke: :D

09-26-11, 05:52 PM
I was gonna say.

09-26-11, 07:32 PM

09-27-11, 09:50 AM
Did I miss something?