: Whining! Any advice?

09-25-11, 07:27 AM
I bought an '04 CTS-V with 76k on it the other day! It drove great when I tested it, everything seemed to be in order. I got it off the lot and drove home to find the stability control system randomly engaging and the dealer is refusing to fix it. Of course. He already admitted to me that he was aware of the problem prior to the sale, and considering the potential safety issues involved with the brakes randomly engaging while I am driving down the highway--I am thinking of having my attorney call him. Anyway.....

I also get intermittent squealing coming from underneath the car. It happens in any gear at any speed at any time. I can't seem to change it regardless of the conditions. It isn't constant, just every now and then. Depressing the clutch & tapping the brakes does nothing to stop it. Any tips? The car has 76k is in great shape otherwise and the g-meter shows .60 < and > .61


09-25-11, 08:03 AM
Find out if there's a local consumer advocate to put pressure on the dealer. Does your state have lemon laws?

09-25-11, 09:44 AM
The stability control system problem is likely a sensor - wheel speed, transmission speed, yaw, or steering position sensor.

The squeal is probably the serpentine belt and/or the tensioner (which is considered a consumable part to be replaced periodically.

Without knowing the terms of the sale it is difficult to tell whether the dealer's refusal to fix these problems is unreasonable. The sale either had a warranty, i.e. a 30/60/90 day try out period or it did not. Dealers are usually a lower risk source of used cars than the independent car lots because they offer, and tend to honor, such agreements.

09-28-11, 12:52 PM
I've reported them to the BBB as they aren't responding to my civil requests for assistance. These things should be repaired under the sales agreement. The whining has become a screeching, it sounds like bad brakes but pushing the brake pedal doesn't change anything. I've read a lot about the problematic differentials in these cars, could this be a sign of that? IF that's the case, I'm just going to make them buy it back.

As far as I know, the lemon law in my state only applies to NEW vehicles. :-/

09-28-11, 01:05 PM
Differentials on these cars are problematic, but "screeching" is not one of the usual symptoms. The differentials are prone to developing a rpm-variant whine. If the screech is from the rear half of the car it could be the driveshaft carrier bearing or something simply rubbing. Power steering pumps can "screech", but that would come from the front of the car.

It seems to me, the car needs to be diagnosed so you would at least know what the dispute involves. If the selling dealer will diagnose it, perhaps another dealer would at least give you an estimate.

09-28-11, 01:22 PM
Aye, I'm going to take it by Sears auto today and see if it isn't just really bad brakes! I'll see if they'll let me look underneath it while they have it lifted.